New year, new board.
The new board of NESU-Finanssi is young and eager compared to last year’s seasoned veterans. Our new board consists of seven first- and second-year students. We decided to update our roles and we also created a new one: Graphic Designer. The Graphic Designer’s job is to compose our overall badges which makes us more independent from Finanssi.

NESU-Dagen in Pori was the first real NESU-experience for most of us. The amazing event gave us all a
burning desire to experience more and we all want to go to many ulkkarisitz in near future. We have also a few
older students who still keep on going to sitz-parties and we are very grateful for them. People from NESU-Finanssi
have been nearly at every sitz-party which is a great sign for us. We hope this trend continues the whole
year and we try to get even more people to get intrested about ulkkarisitz.

We have already organized our first sitz-party, NESU-Finanssi’s Frozen-sitz. Despite slight technical issues,
the sitz was a great success and our year got a great start. Big thanks to the toastmasters! It was also a
pleasant surprise to see so many members of other NESU-organizations come to our sitz-party.
Our second sitz-party will be held next Saturday (14 th of March). This time our theme is even better: Star
Wars. It will be interesting to see who has the Force to party until next morning and who is lured to the bed
early by the dark side.

We will also organize other events during Spring. In February we organized the Laser Tag Special, which has
solidified its place in Finanssi’s event calendar. In April we will try to organize a Whiskey Tasting for the very
first time. Our final event before the summer is the legendary BarBusExcursion or BBE which will take place
one week before Vappu.

Lastly, we want to turn your heads to autumn and to the Autumn Conference, which will be held in Oulu.
Our extremely motivated organizing team has been planning the conference for a long time and everything
is on schedule. Hopefully we see many of you there!

NESU-Finanssi ’20