Our year started in November 2019 when 71 mursus were chosen to be the active members of NESU-KY 2020. Then, after some tough grilling and intense voting a group of 9 were chosen to be the board of NESU-KY ’20. A couple of weeks after that we organized the Era of Ancient Egypt -sitzparty with a little help from the board of NESU-KY ’19.

We’ve had a crazy start for this year – in January alone, we organized three different events. The first one was Aktiivien harkkasitsit to bring the new mursus and the NESU-KY oldies together. The pajama party themed night was a success and we had so much fun organizing it!

Then we organized the Accenture Career Event where we brought together the students of KY and Accenture to learn about job possibilities, career paths and projects at Accenture while enjoying some wine and great food. The evening was very interesting, and we want to thank Accenture once again for collaborating with us!

The last event of January was the Club Lagoon Pre Party – a tropical night in interdisciplinary company topped with some karaoke, carting, mini golf and a fashion show. Once again, we had a great time organizing it and the guests had a lot of fun as well!

We’ve also had a great time getting to know fellow Nesuits from other cities! NESU-Dagen 2020 organized by NESU-Porky was a lot of fun, as well as different sitz parties we’ve visited by for example NESU-Tuky, NESU-Boomi and NESU-HEBS. We’ve also been having such a great time at NESU Spring Conference 2020 this week! So many memories and new friends made!

In February we organized the Annual Sitz Party to celebrate KY’s 109th anniversary. The event was held at the beautiful G18 in the heart of Helsinki, and it was probably our most successful event so far. Special thanks to NESU-Probba for coming to celebrate with us!

We are extremely motivated to continue creating bigger and better events. Unfortunately for the time being all our events are frozen to comply with the nationwide coronavirus directives. We were especially looking forward to Wappu Terrace, where we would’ve closed a whole road in the Helsinki City Center so that 2000 people could party. But right now containing the spread of the infection must be our number one priority.

We hope everyone is staying safe and keeping up the spirits despite the situation. Can’t wait to see you all at the next sitzparty when life gets back to normal!