Greetings from the sunny lappeen rannoilta!

The old board has finally retired and the winds of change are blowing in Lappeenranta. This of course couldn’t mean anything but the fact that the board of 2020 has hopped on to the NESU-wagon.

Our board this year is mostly freshmen-based. Using analytics and mathematics to our favor, we can state that 62.5 percent of the board consists of freshmen. So, with this fact we could say that NESU-activity is not only interesting to the old-jääräs and -jyyräs, but also to the ones young, pure and innocent.

During these first two months NESU-Enklaavi has had the honor to organize and attend few events. Most notably, we had our first sitz-party, Mikä minusta EI tullut isona -sitsit. The sitz were a great success and amazing way to kick off the year! And let’s not forget the NESU-Dagen, which was organized by NESU-PorKY. We also threw a little competition for the students of LUT at a local event, Liugur. The lucky winner won a free ticket to one of our sitz! Could there be a better prize for a competition? Also, the freshmen got their overalls few weeks ago, so we did the most fitting thing someone could think of; we held a sewing-night with Enklaavi.

Although the start of the new decade has been nothing but amazing, there is still a lot ahead of us. Most notably The NESU Conference. This year NESU-Enklaavi has the most attendees out of any NESU-cities participating, whopping 16 people! The week will be without a doubt unforgettable! Almost immediately after the conference, we will organize our annual friend-sitz. The friend-sitz have been a really popular concept here at Lappeenranta, so we will carry on the tradition with our new board of ’20. But remember, these are just a scratch of the surface ;-).

So, with these few words we would like to wish you all amazing spring with lots of sunshine and NESU-Spirit!

“With new board comes great responsibility. And sitz, don’t forget those!”
-Uncle Ben, Spider-Man (2002)

NESU-Enklaavi ‘20