Like other NESU-organizations, we were not able to have any public sitsparties in the beginning of the year. However, we did fortunately have the possibility to organize a few smaller events just among NESU-KY members. We’ve had some small sitsparties, as well as a cruise, a cottage trip and just hanging out together.

This year we have sixty new members, and getting to know everyone has been a lot of fun! Having this many people with such different personalities and talents also allows us to be active in organizing great sitsparties as well as other events and projects. Everyone has been doing a great job, and all events we have been able to organize have gone really well.

Some of the biggest upcoming events of this spring take place around Wappu, when we organize a couple different things including a sitsparty and the legendary Wapputerde. In the week after Wappu we also organize a sitsparty in celebration of KY’s 111th anniversary. Those two weeks will be busy for sure, but it is really nice to be able to finally organize some proper events with people from all around different NESU-organizations as well as our own university. And not to forget being able to travel to other cities for sitsparties and getting to know NESU members from outside of our own organization. A few of us were recently out visiting Lappeenranta and NESU-Enklaavi’s sitsparty for the first time, which was a lot of fun!

Right now we are focused on our first sitsparty of this year, taking place at the end of the month. We are so excited to finally meet people and feel like a community again! <3

With love,


Board of 2022 at our inner event Meemi-sitsparty