Greetings everybody,

My name is Auður Ólafsdóttir also known as Auður junior and I’m the newest country rep for NESU Iceland. I took over in August of 2020 because our lovely Margrét went studying abroad. I have been to two conferences, my first one being the most talked about, Tampere 2019! It all started when I was sitting at my boring desk job and Auður Elísabet asked if I wanted to come with her and the rest to this conference in Finland that she couldn’t tell me anything about and of course I said yes and bought a plane ticket to Helsinki, Finland.

Jyväskylä 2020

We had very interesting things planned this year for NESU Iceland but as for now, we are just waiting for this world pandemic to blow over so the wheels can start rolling. We are working with the business student union in the Uni of Iceland, Mágus, to have more events related to NESU here in Iceland so the conference won’t be the only one for us. Amongst the things we are planning is a science trip (translation below) before the next application period to start with to bring the students here more up to beat with what NESU really is.

*Science trip: when university students visit companies in their field of studies and learn about their activities, drink beer, wine, and get free food.

Tampere 2019

The spring conference in Jyväskylä was something am I right? I just want to thank the organizers for their work and how they handled the whole Covid-19 blast. I don’t think anyone could have known what was coming and how to manage it and for that, they did a great job! The conference was like an episode from the Survivor show for the Icelandic participants with five of us attending and only one of us (me) remaining for the gala night.

I am feeling hopeful that we will be able to have a spring conference so I can see all of your pretty faces and hopefully some new ones!!

See you (hopefully) in Vaasa next year.