At the beginning of the year our NESU-Team (above) had a clear goal: to make NESU-Optimi better and more active than ever. But, as we all know by now, sometimes (especially in year 2020) everything doesn’t always go as planned. In reality, we have so far organized only one sitsparty compared to last year’s eight, and almost all our amazing ideas had to be postponed to the future.

However, a couple days ago we got probably the best news we could ever imagine receiving: we will finally be able to organize our biggest sitsparty of the year, the traditional Mäyräsitsit (=the first sits for the new students), and we couldn’t be more excited! Even though the sits must be split into two smaller events and aren’t allowed to include students from other NESU cities, we are determined to make them worth all the wait.

This picture is from last years Mäyräsitz party

While waiting for Mäyräsitsit to happen have kept ourselves busy spreading the NESU spirit here in Joensuu: we have actively marketed NESU at the freshmen weeks, arranged smaller events (such as our NESU-Olympic games which served as an info event to the new freshmen) and even represented NESU-Optimi in other cities.

This picture repressents “Mini-Sitz” taken at NESU-Olympic games or “NESUmpialaiset”, that were arranged for our freshmen.

Now as the year 2020 is coming to an end, supposedly everybody agrees it could have been more successful and productive in many ways. (Citing the popular Finnish proverb, this year the famous “shit” has very successfully “hit the fan”.) Yet, we are extremely glad and grateful for the events, experiences, people and great friends this year has brought us. We are even more glad to see that the NESU spirit around the Nordic countries is by no means diminishing, but rather growing. Times may change, but one thing is sure: no matter the circumstances, the true nesuits will always keep spreading happiness and the NESU spirit – and so will we.