Greetings from Jyväskylä!

Unfortunately, the first months of this year we were not so active due to the global situation, but luckily the past two months were enough to compensate for this. Members of NESU-JKL have been very active recently, and if our calculations are correct, we’ve had participants in at least 8 different NESU-cities! NESU-JKL is very grateful to have members who are this interested in NESU’s events, and we hope that you’ll never change!

On top of that, NESU-JKL had 7 attendees at this springs NESU-Conference, the rumor has it, that the streets of Tallinn left a mark that will never leave the hearts of conference-attendees!

And for our own events, the past four weeks have been very busy. We hosted our first own event, Guilty pleasure-sitz at the end of march and only two weeks after that, we were the final stop of Wappurundi with our Suomipop-sitzfest. We had really fun organizing these events and we are really grateful for everyone who attended these events!

But what happens next? Currently the board of NESU-JKL is preparing themselves for the upcoming week in Ruka, where we had to come to the ski slopes to find inspiration for this blog post. Next week we have a lot of events where we can spread the joy of NESU to everyone around us!

NESU-JKL wishes everyone a happy Wappu, see you again in fall!

With love,