Greetings from Mikkeli!

We have finally been able to experience a variety of different events during the past weeks and are really looking forward the spring!! We started the year with our traditional exchange of power, and we became officially part of NESU <3. We have really enjoyed spending time together and also have been able to organize some events during the last couple of weeks.

We had our long awaited first sits in March! It was heartwarming to see many lovely ulkkaris and alumni in Mikkeli at our St. Patrick’s Day sits. The atmosphere was awesome, and the place was filled with people enjoying each other’s company. We were very excited to host our first sits, and we can’t wait to organize more sits in the future!

This week we organized masquerade themed thesis-sits for our second year students for having completed their thesis. These sits were a bit fancier and we saw many outstanding outfits and fancy masks. It was lovely to see all the second years having great time together for the last time in Mikkeli.

We have experienced many exciting events during the spring and luckily we have also been able to participate in many memorable ulkkarisits!! We are also really looking forward the upcoming weeks, especially Wappu and all events around it!



See you in Mikkeli!

With love,

NESU-Probba ‘22