Here it is!

After a long wait, vappu, the greatest student holiday, is finally here. Cities around Finland are filled with students as we celebrate the spring and the upcoming end of semester.

Let’s see how our different organizations are celebrating vappu!


NESU-Enklaavi celebrating Marathon Monday -sits 11.4.!


Finanssi’s traditional Wappusits


Here in Joensuu, the May Day customs include Tiimisitsit, a sits party where team members, previous tutors and the sitting board are welcome. The highlight of May Day is Vappusitsit, where this year’s theme (in addition to Vappu) was Baywatch. The most unique event of May Day in Joensuu is surely Rappioralli, where we tour the pubs and bars of Eastern Finland on a bus!


Pörssi’s legendary Vappuspeksi


Hello from NESU-HEBS’s vappu! Vappu was started in Turku with NESU-TuKY’s Vappusits and the weekend continued with sits and parties! Love, NESU-HEBS ❤️


The highlight of our May Day weeks in Tampere is when Boomi and Pörssi meet at Allianssisillis. The räikkä goes around!


This year, we are taking a bus from Mikkeli to Otaniemi early on May Day to begin the vappu celebrations. We are especially looking forward to the capping of the manta statue, baba reunion, spending time together and the wappupicknic on the first day of May!


NESU-Porky started vappuweek this year with sits. Great way to start a busy week!


At KY the one and only way to start May Day eve is by going to Wapputerde, organized by NESU-KY. Here you will get to enjoy some delicious food and drinks, and most importantly just take in the Wappu-feeling and have the time of your life! Wapputerde is open for everyone and includes amazing live performances as well as a number of activities held by different organizations from KY, so this event truly brings the whole community together to celebrate Wappu.

NESU Finland also got a chance to start our vappu eve by hosting a checkpoint at NESU-KY’s Wapputerde. So as you can see, whether you are in Lappeenranta or Oulu, vappu can offer you some unique experiences.

Glada vappen!

NESU Finland