Greetings from NESU-KY!

Hello dear fellow NESU-Organizations!

2018 is truly far behind and 2019 is here! A new year also means that we have a new board and new members. This year we are bigger than ever: there are 102 of us in NESU-KY ’19. We really look forward to getting to implement the potential of this amazing group of people!

Our year has begun extremely well: We started our NESU year at NESU-Dagen like many other fellow NESU members. Therefore, we would like to say thank you to NESU-Preemio for an amazing weekend at Kuopio! We had lots of fun and that weekend will truly be remembered after years.

NESU-KY has already organized a few events and they have all been extremely successful! In January we hosted a pre-party for one of the biggest interdisciplinary student party called Club Lagoon and in February we have already organized a Winter Olympics event in co-operation with an association of engineering students.

NESU-KY has also organized a few kickoff events for the new and former members of NESU-KY! The most important one has been “Aktiivien harkkasitsit” which is a rehersal sitzparty for our new NESU-KY members. During the night we gained a lot of information about the sitz-culture and learned for example, how to request a song in the correct way and how to tell a perfect “donkey bridge”. The night was amazing even though it was a bit hard to combine both organizing a sitzparty and partying at the same time!

Our first official sitzparty will be organized next week: our dear student association KY celebrates its 108-year-old journey and NESU-KY will be hosting an Annual Ball Sitzparty in order to respect our beloved KY. The Annual Ball Sitzparty is one of the most important events of NESU-KY´s event calendar!

Moreover, spring is almost here which means that the most important time of the year for students is getting even closer and closer – you might already guess what it is. We have already started to plan Wappu which might be the busiest time of the our year! Among other things, we will be organizing a Wappu sitzparty and you are all warmly welcomed. Hopefully we will see a plenty of nesuits there!

Best wishes,