Hello dear nesuits!

In Joensuu we are thrilled to see things shifting back to normal. This fall has had us all very busy with organizing our freshmen sitsparty as well as other events during the freshmen weeks. In addition to organizing events the NESU-Optimi board and also other active nesuits from Joensuu have made sure that the Optimi-orange overalls are seen at almost all NESU events and we have no plans of slowing down our representation that is at an all time high.

NESU-Optimi still has plans of hosting two more sitsparties before the end of the year and the next ones are already less than month away. Unfortunately we did not get to hold the Eastern Finland rundi yet this year, but NESU-Optimi and NESU-Preemio has a little something planned for satisfying your needs of consecutive sitsparties in the east so mark the days 16.11. and 17.11 in your calendars and come have fun with us!

We have made considerable efforts on marketing NESU to our freshmen and the freshmen have shown a lot of interest in the action, so it is safe to say that we will have a good NESU-future for years to come. But you don’t have to take our word for how our freshmen have liked their introduction to NESU as we have an interview to provide better insight straight from a freshman’s mouth. We asked a few spicy questions from our great freshman Tuukka, who was also the first brave freshman to join the older folks for a sitsparty away from Joensuu.

Let’s just cut to the chase then; first off we wanted to know more about what events has Tuukka attended and he has kicked his journey with NESU off in an effective way with three NESU-sitparties already and many more on the way. NESU has left a lasting impression as well and he claims to have had a blast at each and every one of these events. When asking about what event Tuukka is excited about he mentioned future sitsparties in general as well as wanting to attend NESU Conferences even though he sadly could not make it into this fall’s semma in Lappeenranta.

A very important part of being in a NESU board is making sure that NESU is seen and heard as much as possible and we as a board were very pleased to hear that we have successfully achieved tgat goal, with Tuukka’s exact comment on our visibility being: “NESU has been very active during my freshman fall, to me mostly through NESU-Optimi and their board and the events they have been a part of either as an organizer or otherwise.” To end off the interview we asked Tuukka what is the first thing that comes to mind from the term NESU and he clearly has caught the essence of our beautiful union as “Getting to know new people and having a good time.” Is what Tuukka finds to be the things we are about.

So, all in all things are in a healthy place in NESU-Optimi and for the near future our plans revolve around further increasing our representation in NESU-events and hosting awesome parties for Joensuu people and ulkkarit alike.

Love, NESU-Optimi <3