2017 has kicked off with a whole new board for NESU-Hanken I Vasa. The board has been expanded with one additional position: NESU-Hanken I Vasa now has its very own program coordinator! We spent most of January and indeed the beginning of February getting acquainted with each other and the new NESU-boards in Finland. Most of NESU-Hanken I Vasa’s board attended NESU-Dagen in January and we really had a great time. It was a pleasure making new friends and catching up with old friends. Kudos to NESU-Finanssi for a fantastic NESU-Dagen!
Most nesuits will know that the NESU-Spring Conference ’17 was held here in our very own sunny Vaasa. The Spring Conference brought with it a whole lot of work for our newly formed board of five and we’re happy to have taken part in the conference. We had the opportunity to make new friends and learn new things. Additional thanks go to the organizing team and NESU-Waasa’s board for making the Spring Conference a success, it was a truly rewarding experience working with them during the conference week.
As mentioned above the 2017 line-up for our board consists of five members. The new members of our board are Niko Bäck as our program coordinator, Simon Alisch as the treasurer and in charge of communications we have Jan Schaffter. Our chairman Lucas Okrongli and vice-chairman Isak Häggblom were both part of NESU-Hanken I Vasa’s board of ’16 and are now the “grumpy old-timers” of our board. We’re very happy to have new members sitting in our board. They have pitched in with new, fresh ideas on how we should develop our activity both inside and outside our meetings.
March is drawing to a close and seeing that we are all rested up from the conference and fit for a new fight we are now switching our focus to the rest of 2017. Our objectives for the rest of the year are to first and foremost spread the good word of NESU in Vaasa’s Hanken and get as many new NESU members as possible. We are also starting to plan our own sits party, which will be held in autumn of 2017.
The year has been pretty amazing so far and if that’s anything to go by, the rest of 2017 will be pretty awesome too. We look forward to seeing all of our good friends in NESU in up-coming events and we wish you all a great Sunday evening.
As we like to say over here, keep calm and helan går.
NESU-Hanken I Vasa ‘17