This year has been again a very eventful one for NESU Tallinn. We have arranged several sits parties and other kinds of events with the different student organizations of Tallinn, ranging from pub crawls to billiard nights and recruitment evenings with partnering firms.

Throughout the year NESU Tallinn has had a strong representation in different NESU events, like the NESU Conferences in Helsinki and Iceland, “Wappurundi” and the numerous sits parties arranged in Finland. We hope to see this trend go on in the coming years as networking through NESU is a marvelous way to meet and bond with economics students from different backgrounds. These connections are the ones that make NESU so important. The connections made during our studies might be the competitive edge when entering the work-life and this what we should also communicate to the new freshmen.

Last week the new board was elected, and we are very glad to see that 4 out of 7 members are freshmen. NESU Tallinn’s continuity looks bright in the firm hands of our former active members Elina Rautanen as chairperson and Silja Rouru as vice-chairperson. Nea Sipola continues in the board in a new role as the treasurer, Head of Communications is Michaela Gardemaister, Corporate Relations Manager is Mauri Kolehmainen and event coordinators are Wilma Korkeela and Sofia Miikkulainen.


All the best for the new board and

NESU Tallinn – Board of 2018