Again, a year has passed since NESU-Waasa’s previous blog post. There have been many events during this year. During the year NESU-Waasa has organized seven sitz parties and NESU summer cottage. In addition, we also organized smaller events, for example NESU-Waasa’s “Infoilta”. It has been awesome to see, how the number of students from another cities on Vaasa’s sitz parties has grown considerably. Also, economic students of Vaasa University have been very active for going to other cities for sitz parties. Among other things, Vaasa had the largest number of participants at the NESU-Finland’s “Vappurundi” and at NESU conference in Iceland. I hope that this same development and growth will continue all over the Finland.

In my opinion, the most important theme in the future will remain to be developing NESU as one in every city. We must strive to meet students’ expectations of NESU better. We are here for students. I feel that NESU’s vision is to act as a networking platform for students (maybe a cliché, but true), and thus facilitate students’ networking with each other. That’s why it is important to keep this vision in mind, when planning and carrying out events week after week. Climbing towards the vision should not only be seen as a talk, but as acts. How can we help students create value-generating networks and increase the students’ activity and interest of NESU? Solving the first question is likely to solve the second question as well. Hopefully, the new executive boards of NESU-cities will find better solutions for these questions. Also, marketing is not only crucial variable in selling NESU-events to students. Rather the most important things are high-quality and inventive events. Of course, people are recommending high-quality events forward.

It is time to move NESU-Waasa to the next board that has already had a month to plan and prepare for the upcoming year. In 2019, chairman of NESU-Waasa is Pyry Mustajärvi and members of the board are Pakdat, Eeva, Noora, Nea and Emil. Next year will be very important because our beloved Warrantti celebrates its 30th Annual Ball in the coming year, which certainly affects NESU-Waasa. Much new is foreseen for 2019, but I strongly trust for the new board. Be brave and open-minded but remember to think and plan things before carrying conclusions out.

Have a peaceful Christmas time,

Saska Seppänen                                      

Chairman of NESU-Waasa ’18