There’s something strange in the air.

Maybe it’s all the anticipation for the upcoming holidays and Christmas pleasantries; presents, carols and whatnot. I personally don’t think so. The atmosphere more likely stems from another chapter in the series of NESU’s bizarre adventures coming to an end.

There’s something somber, playful and exciting in the air.

A start of something different and despite being the who-knows how manyth sequel of Fantastic Voyage, the plot’s never quite the one you remembered. While we, the people, may come and go as we please, NESU still holds up this day. Having seen NESU for several years in a row already, I feel that this is a pattern that’ll repeat itself, not only in past tense but also in present as well as future tenses.
No matter whether you’ve already dedicated years for the union, have lived the lifestyle just once or are a complete greenhorn — there’s always room for one more aboard the (sometimes literal and sometimes figurative) party bus.

The years might’ve been plentiful, but personally none of them have compared to this one. Living already in the twilight of my time as part of the NESU-Waasa board ‘19, I can tell you that there’s no better feeling than being part of a board that’s rivaled by none other.
With this ragtag group of heroes, we’ve gone all the way from start to finish; made more acquaintances than ever, had the highest highs, supported each other in the lowest lows and passed all the obstacles in front of us with flying colors. I’d say that the new board have their work cut out for them were we not so sure about the team that we’ve once again handpicked to continue our work as well as the work of many previous boards.

For closing words I’d like to thank my home team of NESU-Waasa ’19 — No words can express the gratitude that I have for this year, as well as to wish each and everyone of you readers Happy Holidays! We hope to see you next year!