NESU-KY ‘17 has 9 members of the board and 54 active members. Together we form a tight and amazing group. With this group, we organize all the traditional and some new events in 2017.

Our year began in January with our first event, Aktiivien harkkasitsit or Rehersal Sitzparty for Active Year. The sitzparty is a NESU-KY tradition, in which older NESU-KY members teach the new nesuits to sitz. The evening was a lot of fun and brought our year together as a group. One of the highlights of the sitzparty was an older member teaching us how to dance Anima Libera.
In January we also had an evenings together with KY:s other sub commitees. This year we want to strengthen our connections with the other two subcommitees of KY.

Our board also visited NESU-Finanssi in Oulu at NESU-Dagen, which brought all NESU-Boards from Finland together. NESU-Dagen was absolutely one of the most memorable events of the spring this far. We got to experience the NESU-feeling and made a lot of friends from other NESU organizations. Thank you once again to NESU-FInanssi for organizing the weekend!

In the beginning of February we organized the traditional pre-sitzparty for KY:s Cultural Subcommitees Club Lagoon party. The party was one of the biggest student party in Helsinki. Our pre-sitzparty was open for students from all schools. Creating Aalto spirit is one our main goals of the year: we want to get to know other Aalto student organizations and have events together with them. This far we have also had a Beer Pong tournament with Inkubio and more events are coming!

During the KY-week in February we organized our most glamorous sitzparty of the year, the Annual Ball sitzparty, to celebrate the 106-year-old KY. The sitzparty was organized in Agroksenmäen holvikellari in stead of the usual Alakertsi, and we enjoyed a delicios three-course meal as well as tasty welcoming drinks. Thank a huge thank you to all our corporate partners!

March has probably been the quietest month so far. We have had amazing opportunities to attend sitzparties in other NESU-cities during the month of March. We have also been occupied planning all the events taking place in April.

In April we get to celebrate Wappu! We’ll be attending the Wappurundi and cannot wait for it to start our Wappu. It is a three-day-long trip and the route begins from Vaasa, from where we’ll continue to Tampere via Pori.

As a part of the Wappu celebrations we will be organizing our Wappu sitzparty and our legendary Wappu terrace. This sitzparty will be organized in Otaniemi. The Wappu terrace will, as usual, close up the whole frontage of our beloved KY-building. We’ll be playing some good tunes and serve delicious fried potatoes and sausage.