Greetings from Mikkeli!


It is not a surprise at this point to tell that also our summer and fall has been quite busy with events and other duties! As some of you may know, during the summer we were studying here in Mikkeli, but we still managed to arrange two sitsparties and participate the legendary NESU-MÖKSÄ! All the events were successful (even the sits on an island with no water or electricity) and gave us the energy we needed for the upcoming events in the fall.

Fall started well with our biggest sits of the year, O-Week -sits! We had nearly 200 participants including the new freshmen, 2nd year students and our alumni. Already at this point we had noticed some great NESU-spirit, and after our info-evening in October, we can ensure that next year’s NESU-Probba board will not let you down!

We also organized two other sitsparties and celebrated our 30th Grand Annual Ball here in Mikkeli this fall! The number of events has been overwhelming, but no semester has ever been this memorable and filled with celebrations for NESU-Probba before! We have enjoyed everything to the fullest, and also managed to visit other NESU-cities, including for example Lappeenranta and Pori!

As mentioned earlier, fall has also brought some duties to NESU-Probba. Us second year students are currently starting our thesis process and time for choosing the new board is coming up fast. We still have our last sits to organize and we hope to see as many of you there as possible!

We at NESU-Probba already want to thank you for the past year which has no doubt been the best we have ever had! It has been amazing to get to know NESU and its people, and we are sure that even after our board year we will NOT disappear anywhere! Exchange period is calling us in the fall 2019 but before and after that, SEE YOU AROUND LOVELY NESUITS!


See you at our NESU-Probba’s Down the Chimney -sits on December 7!



NESU-Probba ‘18