Dear fellow NESUits,


My name is Juuli Pekkonen and at the Union meeting in Reykjavik I was elected as the new president of NESU. In this blog post I will introduce myself and my plans for the coming year.

I am 22 years old and a third-year student at Estonian Business School. I have been a part of NESU right from the beginning of my studies and in this short time I have had the chance to experience a lot through NESU. In addition to numerous sits parties and four conferences, I have been the corporate relations manager for NESU Tallinn in 2018 and I was part of the organizing team of the 2017 Autumn Conference in Lappeenranta and Tallinn. While organizing the conference I learned a lot about our union and I am happy share my experience and lend a helping hand to the organizers of the next conferences. During these eventful couple of years this union has given me unforgettable experiences and lifelong friends, so even after two years of hard work I am still eager to do more for NESU.

The main responsibilities of the president are advancing the internationalization and both maintaining and improving the state of the union. My predecessor Noora did great work over the past year and it is easy for me to continue that. I will start by reaching out to existing contacts in the inactive Nordic countries and the plan is to organize an excursion to some university city during 2019, but more information about that when the planning progresses. Of course, the whole union can help with the internationalization, so if you know potential NESUits in the Nordics or have new ideas for reaching them, you can always contact me.

I also want to continue making the president’s position more transparent and relatable to all NESUits. Since you, the members of NESU, have trusted me with this position it is important that you stay up to date on my activities as president. I will be making blog and Facebook posts throughout the year and in the mean time you can always contact me directly for example via email ( During the year you can also find me from conferences and sits parties around the NESU cities.


Let’s make this the best year NESU has seen!


Best regards,

Juuli Pekkonen

President of NESU 18-19