When KUJ announced the date of its annual Club Lagoon-party, we couldn’t resist the temptation to join in on the action and provide a pre-party sitsfest for those interested in exercising their vocal chords before migrating to Tivoli. It took six hours to transform KY’s Basement into a tropical tiki bar, but it wasn’t until our 170 guests had arrived that the temperature, too, began to resemble something closer to the equator.

This time we didn’t have to sit in a sea of green, but had the pleasure of hosting students from different fields of study all across Finland. This meant not only exchanging numbers, but knowledge as well – SHS gave those travelling to Sweden invaluable pick-up advice, whilst a few well-kept holiday secrets were also revealed during the course of the evening. Some even went out of their way to demonstrate the appropriate technique for applying sunblock.

Our toasts Aimo, Hilla-Mari and Pekka were lavished with gifts to maintain high spirits. The offerings seemed to work, as our toast-trio was exceptionally benevolent even in its punishments – those at risk of dehydration were given a few cups of water to chug, and I’m sure the leather jacket given to a few attendees by Aimo was merely a precautionary measure against sunburn…

Although the sitsfest was a set shorter than normally, there was time for plenty of singing and most of us left for Tivoli in high spirits.

On behalf of the active year, we hope you enjoyed the rest of your night at Club Lagoon and would like to thank everyone who participated in making our first interdisciplinary event of the year a blast!

– Liisa Helle, NESU-KY ‘013