In the relatively warm Friday morning of January the 25th, an excited bunch of NESUits from the coastal city of Vaasa hopped into two rental cars and headed towards their destination: Joensuu. Why, you might ask, would 14 students travel across Finland to visit their friends at NESU-Optimi? NESU-Dagen, nuff said.

The trip went smoothly and all fourteen of us found our accommodations in the center of Joensuu. Without further ado, the chairmen and representatives of each Business School in Finland gathered in Bar Play to discuss the events of the spring 2013 as well as various other topics, such as respecting the NESU sitz traditions. Not all were present since Mikkeli for instance had some car trouble (it broke down half way to Joensuu) and Jyväskylä had some trouble with the weather. Decisions were made, and NESU-Finland can proudly announce that this years KESÄMÖKSÄ (Cottage trip) will be held in the idyllic archipelago of Turku.

After a grueling three-hour meeting, the chairmen and representatives headed to change their clothing before heading to Ilona, a nightclub where we were to meet the rest of NESU-Optimi and other NESUits. Many interesting discussions were had, rather stupid things done (I for myself happily thought my sparkling wine cost 40e which turned out to be only half of the price once I got the bill…) and a lot of fun had. I think we can all concur that NESU-Optimi, given the chance, should tell the house band that they were mind-blowing.

The next morning I was awoken by the smell of man sweat, which came from the eight residents of the place we stayed at. After a quick shower and lunch it was time to head off to our next destination in Hammaslahti and start off our official NESU meeting, where we continued the discussion the chairmen and representatives had the previous evening. There we also got to hear how each NESU-city was doing and had a good laugh at NESU-Boomis jokes about them being overjoyed after having finally received not one but TWO “Saken” at the end of last year. NESU-Pörssi also told us some great news: they had now merged with Dumppi (another organ of their business school) to become NESU-Jyväskylä (yes, they were really innovative…) and have an own board!

The meeting ended and the preparation for the sitz began. Meanwhile, new friendships were made and old ones improved. After a few hours of socializing, the three toastmasters (or Optimas hostmasters as NESU-Finanssi called them) introduced themselves and began to sing the traditional “Helan går” and kicked off the sitsiparty. Many things happened there, most of which can probably be seen on Jani “Jeesus” Ollenbergs wall since he documented most of the evening. My personal highpoints of the sitsiparty was being confused over and over again to be a member of NESU-Jyväskylä (who then later on granted me the title of Honorary Member of NESU-Jyväskylä) and receiving the hard-to-get “Saken” after being sung up on the scene to sing a song.

After the sitz we had a live performance from a band, which really got the people dancing, as well as many deep and interesting discussions all from the state of the Finnish economy to comparing which is more important to men: beer or women? Once the band stopped playing I decided to continue with the live music and picked up my own guitar and started playing. Apparently I didn’t do that bad since soon a crowd of 40 people were singing songs both in English and in Finnish and overall had a good time. I think I had two sips of beer under the two first hours that I played, since more songs just kept on coming and never seemed to stop.

The whole weekend was, in my opinion, the embodiment of what being part of NESU is:  business and pleasure. The chairman of NESU-Jyväskylä and I were the last men standing at 9:30 a.m. and still we were discussing ways to improve NESU. Now, after a grueling 7h trip back, I’d like to offer my deepest thanks to NESU-Optimi for an unforgettable weekend and thank all my NESU compatriots that made this weekend what it was: awesome.


– Kristian Vainio
NESU-Hanken i Vaasa