2021 sure is off to a rocky start; still, we at NESU-Boomi are optimistic about the future. This Spring is most likely more or less the same as last year with all the restrictions getting more strict overall. We have faith that Summer and Fall will bring more positive new winds for us and the entire country. Either way, the point of this blog is not to contemplate on what could be now or later. It’s to show all of you wonderful people that even when the situation looks grim, you can still do fun and exciting things to take your mind off all the negatives.

Boomi from Tampere was hosting a remote Beer Pong tournament with Pörssi from Jyväskylä that sounded like the absolute perfect way to have a little fun from the comfort of your own home; so off we went to test our mettle against the other teams, hoping that we could show what The Board of NESU-Boomi ‘21 can do! The tournament was actually set up well in my opinion, which I was not expecting at all with it being the first of its kind I ever attended and us not being the biggest believers in remote student events. We warmed up our throwing hands, gathered our courage and charged into the fight.

Long story short… Yeah, we lost all of our three games. In our defense, though, the last one was pretty close! We don’t talk about the rest. The event was set up via Discord, and after our three-loss-streak, we went to hang out with the board of Boomi for a bit and lost another game, this time an unofficial one. At this point we were quite disillusioned with our supposedly amazing beer pong skills and our morale was very much in the gutter. There was no way any of us would ever play beer pong again.

That was before the lovely Board of NESU-JKL threw us a fiery challenge via Instagram that we just had to respond to. This game was the best one so far; an intense and exciting battle of brain and brawn; a truly magnificently Rocky-esque fight. Of course, we might be a bit biased because we won this one but let’s call it coincidence.

At the end of the night, even though our stint in the tournament was brief, we got to know our own Board as well as the people in NESU-JKL a little better, and I would most definitely call it a successful night. I think this all goes to show that you can have a good time even in this time of restrictions and uncertainty as well, even if it’s in a way that none of us are quite used to even after this has been going on for almost a year.

NESU-JKL after our beer pong match

We hope you enjoyed the blog post, and to all the other NESU Boards: we’re looking forward to yours!

Best wishes,

The Board of NESU-Boomi ‘21