This time our day is actually a whole weekend since we get along so well and would like to spend all our time together. We are happy to introduce you to one of our great traditions, Vallanvaihtoristeily. This year our cruise comes with a few changes due to the current situation.

The change of power cruise is an old NESU board tradition here in Lappeenranta. In a nutshell, the new selected board together with their predecessors visit Tallinn on a cruise. In this way we build up the NESU spirit within our new board and make friendships with the old sages. Usually we start the cruise by having an enjoyable buffet dinner on the ship following by a nice close-knit cabin hangout with games. By the end of the evening the whole caboodle finds itself showing the best dance moves at the disco. Maybe some high notes can be heard as well. Travel sickness is very much present on the return journey, where the new board have their formal meeting for the first time. Let it also remain a mystery whether or not the group survives to land. Waves, foam heads and wild going – that’s all there is to it.

Our weekend started with a chaos at the grocery store. After packing our groceries (and ourselves) in cars, it was time to hit the road and head to our destination. Immediately after arriving to this cosy cottage, we got to work without having time to look around. In a flash there was deer cooking on the stove and a full photography studio in the living room. The pictures we took turned out pretty good, you can see the results on our own page in

After our hard work with cooking and taking pictures it was time for Grande Buffet. You may already know how it is, lots of bad wine and Silja Line -singing. Even though our ship didn’t take us to Tallinn, we had everything a normal cruise would have. Who even knows what kind of food they serve at the buffet when you can fill your glass as many times as you like? Maybe they have deer like we did.

Satisfied with the buffet, we started to head to the Starlight Palace, also known as the living room. We played games, had fun and participated in a traditional cabin party until it was time for something we all had been waiting for – The hot thub. Sauna, great company and the biggest hot thub we’ve ever seen entertained us for hours. However, the day had been pretty intense and we were all tired, so the party couldn’t last forever. The bravest ones stayed up until small hours while someone may have fallen asleep in the bathroom before the the party had even started.

The next day we were all well rested and ready for a new day. We ate breakfast, sat on the couch, felt good, ate some more breakfast and took some naps. We had time to look around and realized that the cottage we had was pretty awesome.

After eating breakfast for a couple of hours and recovering a little it was time to get off the couch. We decided to go outside and see what we can come up with. We had a lot of fun and ended up jumping and playing in the snow. There was a lot of snow, but luckily we were able to wear our overalls and didn’t get lost in the snow. We were also dreaming of ice swimming but weren’t able to find a good spot for the hole so we had to skip that.

We were getting closer to the evening and our small sits party. We had a godly theme and since we were already feeling like gods and goddesses it didn’t take long to prepare ourselves. Sits menu was godly as well – makaronilaatikko never fails to give that precious extra touch. We must admit, this sits party was a great success: everyone had a great proggis, we sang a lot and had a blast. Every detail did not go as planned but hey, who would a little kasarishot harm at the beginning of the third set, right?

At some point the sits party ended and it was – once again – time for the hot thub. This time it wasn’t all about pleasure and chatter. We went all in, and in a flash we were playing super hard core truth or dare. Now that we know who’s the King of the Hill (our chairwoman Mette of course), who would or would not fuck the most extreme characters we came up with, and what does each other’s feet taste like, we are sure that this will be a top-notch year for NESU-Enklaavi. Some of us (definitely not the one writing this text) were still a bit tired after last night and decided to take some rest after the sits party and happened to miss all this awesomeness. Sounds like a rookie mistake, doesn’t it?

It’s always a pleasure to wake up in a world where NESU exists. The morning after our sits party was not an exception. One by one people started to wake up and we had time to catch up a little bit. Especially for the ones who went to bed early there was a lot of confusion when coming downstairs. The biggest issue was that we couldn’t find our missing bread bag. We were all sure that we bought a lot of bread from the store, but suddenly there was nothing left. Slowly we started to realize that even if everyone had taken just one piece of bread, we were pretty many and had imperceptibly eaten them all.

To share the confusion with you, we have a riddle for all of you. Imagine waking up in a beautiful cottage and get up to see if anyone else is awake. You walk down the stairs and see this:

Can you find all the hidden parts: A broken chair, a piece of board 20’s shirt, a rope with hangman’s noose, a swim ring (important to have in the huge hot thub), all the fruits we did not have time to eat and other details? Which one is your favourite?

After cleaning up the mess it was time to head home. Our weekend was amazing and we warmly recommend a tradition like this to other NESU Boards. This kind of activity is not possible at the moment, but we hope that some day we can have as much fun with you all as we did during the weekend!

We can’t wait to hear what kind of activities the other NESU Boards came up with.

Stay safe,

💗 The board of NESU-Enklaavi ’21