Greetings from Jyväskylä!

For this My Day activity NESU-Jyväskylä decided to spend a relaxing day at the spa of Scandic Laajavuori. As none of us had ever visited the place, this was the perfect pastime for us. The spa ticket was luckily very student budget friendly, so we could invest the money saved for the first of May festivities that were just around the corner.

The spa was located relatively close to the Jyväskylä city centre so this is a place we would recommend to anyone that happens to visit the downtown area. The spa was not huge but you definitely get your money’s worth. It included several pools and saunas. Our favorite was the hot tub where we could just float and forget about all the worries of upcoming deadlines.

We enjoyed ourselves in the spa for a few hours but had to leave a bit hastily due to a NESU-meeting we were holding in the early evening. In the meeting we went through the annual report and other important matters. After the conference we were all feeling quite drowsy for which we blame the hours of floating in the hot water.

All in all, this together time with the NESU-JKL board was very much called for and we made the most of it! We are looking forward to the following fall and all the fun things that come along with it, hopefully including NESU sitz parties as well!

With love,

NESU-JKL Board ‘21