Greetings from NESU-SHS! This year has been silent at the NESU-front for us, but luckily, we had a chance to meet each other for one afternoon. We decided to meet remotely, since one of us is currently spending her time abroad for an exchange period. And of course, it was better to not to meet face to face, in current covid situation. Since we all have been busy with our studies and work, we only had time to spend few hours together, but it was a blast! Unfortunately, we had so fun, that we forgot to take pictures.

But what did we do? Of course we started by changing news as it was a long ago when we last met each other. It was interesting to hear how the spring had went for everyone, and how is it going with studies. Everyone had enjoyed the warm weather and Vappu, especially. During the afternoon we also were planning what kind of events we could organize next fall. After these silent times, we had plenty of ideas, and I hope we have a chance to make them real!

We also had time to have some fun in form of some games. We had a Kahoot-game, but it was a bit challenging via Zoom, so we didn’t manage it through and no winner could be chosen 🙁 Last, but not least, we played this Pictionary-like online game called, that turned out to be a success! It was so fun, at least with such “talented” drawers as us.

So, that was our afternoon. It was fun and an afternoon well spent! Still, we wish to meet each other and everyone on the other side of the screen face to face as soon as the covid situation gets better!

Best wishes,
the Board of NESU-SHS ‘21