As everyone knows the past year has been quite different from normal and like everyone else NESU-TuKY hasn’t been able to organize our traditional sitzparties. Since March we have also had to organize our weekly meetings remotely due to the restrictions. Luckily we have still been able to spend time together with the board and organize two remote sitzparties of our own. We have also started planning our future events and autumn is starting to look pretty amazing!

We decided to start our day together with a late breakfast and some catching up. After the breakfast we went to play a game of room escape to a place called The Escape Artist which is located in the city centre of Turku. We played a game called Battleships – Battle Mode. First we formed two teams so we could split up into two different rooms. Our mission was to find our way out of the submarine we were in through an escape pod before the incoming torpedoes would hit our submarine. What made the game even more exciting was that both teams played the rooms at the same time and there was only one escape pod so we were competing on which team could get to the escape pod faster. Both teams were able to get through the escape room in the given time and the winning team was just a few minutes faster. Even though we were competing against each other we all had fun and there were no hard feelings against the winning team.


After the room escape we went to eat lunch at this restaurant called Fafa’s. After lunch we were supposed to continue our day at the riverboats, which had just opened, but unfortunately they weren’t open on Mondays. Instead we headed to our treasurers place to continue the day. We went to play some games in the park nearby and after that we played some card games for the rest of the night. And of course we just had to end our day by ordering some evening snack from Hesburger.