Hello from sunny Vaasa! 

This whole year has been hard but luckily NESU-Waasa has been able to arrange sitzparties online and get to know each other well. We have been able to meet with our board members many times this year and we feel very happy about that.

For this My Day, we decided to spend the whole weekend together with our board members. We have been planning this weekend for a while already so we decided to go to a summer cottage in Kihniö. 

Our weekend started on friday when we travelled to Kihniö. First we arrived there and then we looked around and settled in. Then we played some games and we just had such a good time together and we really enjoyed the evening. I think the best part of the cottage was definitely the jacuzzi!! We really did spend a lot of time there. On Saturday morning we made breakfast together and then we were just sunbathing and swimming on the river. After that we watched some ice hockey and enjoyed the rest of the evening together playing games and laughing a lot.

Here you can see some funny pictures from our trip <3 The weather was really beautiful and warm as you can see. 

The whole weekend was a success and it was very relaxing. We also got little time to discuss the things and plans for the future and we really hope that this fall we can arrange normal sitzparties and invite ulkkaris too! And last but not least we really hope that one day we can meet all of you other NESU-board members from other cities!

Best regards,

NESU-Waasa ’21