NESU-Boomi wants to wish a very beautiful autumn to everyone!


We hope that all of you have had an amazing summer and a great start to new semester! According to all sits invitations, it sure does start to look like we are back in the business spreading the NESU spirit. We can´t wait to be able to do what we do best.

NESU-Boomi has already spread the NESU spirit to our freshmen at our freshmen weeks. We participated in three events and introduced sits culture by throwing mini sits party in a park scenery. That event really succeeded as we heard quite a few comments indicating that our part of the event was the funniest and the most memorable. In addition we have attended other events too.

Our mission this fall has been and will be to make everyone understand the addictive effect of NESU. And we believe it is fair to say that we are on a good roll with that one, as we interviewed one freshman who had never been in NESU related events, she was, in her own words “super excited about our first event Harkkasitsit”. Another indicator that we have already succeeded in our mission is that our freshman described NESU as “FUN”, “New friends and connections”, “singing” and “Having fun with friends”. Sounds about right, doesn´t it? We believe that one key to our success is that we have already been in many events, we have been active on Instagram and on freshmen´s Facebook page. We don´t let them forget us! 😉

Finally, we do think that the worst is behind us and as Sanna Marin says: Now it is time to go, experience and do! NESU-Boomi is most excited about going to all different cities to enjoy NESU company, luckily the first time is just around the corner as we are heading to Jyväskylä soon.

In our point of view, we are going to have a busy but joyful end of the year.


Hope to see you all through out the following events and months!


Love, NESU-Boomi