Seela Suhonen, Country Representative & Chair of the Board

Good ‘’It’s Sitz o’clock somewhere’’ dear nesuits and greetings from the Country representative & the Chair of the NESU Finland Board ’21-‘22!

So, let’s just lift the cat onto the table so to speak – I am introducing myself here now for the second time and now you may ask: But why? Well, of course, I applied again because I wanted (needed) more NESU. I still wish to see the world open while being an active part of NESU and I feel that I have the tools to guide the board 2021-2022 to its best this year. However, let’s not reveal too many secrets yet about what’s coming BUT I can already say that we have the right people for the upcoming year

So, for those of you who are seeing my hustling here for the first time (and those who have forgotten), let me quickly say something about myself. First of all, I am currently a 5th year student at KY, but I have started my studies & my NESU journey amongst NESU-Probba in Mikkeli 2017. During my time in NESU-Probba, I had the pleasure of being the Communications Coordinator of the board, which also later led me to be the Webmaster of the NESU Finland board ’20-’21. Fun fact, I am historically the second Chair of the board originated from Kouvola City, but unfortunately, I did a detour to also Tuusula before my Mikkeli and Helsinki days. Now, I am happy to say that even after moving around in Finland, exchange studies in Ireland, dozens of Sitz, a couple of seminars, a few of Möksäs, a few of Dagens, and many irreplaceable friends later I am thrilled to be able to continue student life with NESU.

And now, I am more than ready to give my energy to this board and NESU. Therefore, if you ever have anything to say, comment or ask about NESU, I and the rest of the board are here for you. We all aim to help NESU to stay on track and keep succeeding and growing even further. Personally, I aim to motivate the board and make sure we are having the best time. I’m sure this year is going to be fantastic, and I hope we see each other as soon as possible (and again again again again).

Do you promise that we see each other as soon as possible? I dearly hope so, nesuit.


Sami Arnkil, Corporate Relations & Vice-Chair of the Board

Hello, it’s me. I am probably better at making memes than writing in a blog but lets give this a try as well.

I am currently located in the Central Finland, Jyväskylä, where I study and I am also a board member of NESU-Jyväskylä as a head of communication. I am very happy that I am at the same time part of the NESU Finland too! My overalls are nowadays white (more or less, probably less as the time goes by).

When I started in Tallinn back in 2016 the color were orange. I was a treasurer in NESU Tallinn / Estonia in the 2016-2018. Right from the beginning it has been very clear to me that NESU is the best organization ever and I am glad that I can be still part of this wonderful Union.

As the new corporate relations manager I am eager to try to get more sponsors and assosiates for the NESU Finland. Also the project to make a new version of the song book for NESU is certainly going to be both interesting and fun.

I am looking forward to see you all old and new friends in many events soon!

I am almost certain that this position in NESU Finland is the last NESU Board for me. Almost certain.

Best regards
Sami ”Chill” Arnkil