Hello dear Nesuits!

NESU-Enklaavi is having the time of it’s life, and we hope that you are all feeling the same way. The autumn has been extremely beautiful in Lappeenranta and luckily we also have lots of events coming up. Now with our batteries loaded after a warm and sunny summer, we are really looking forward to this autumn especially since all of our freshmen have been so amazing!


The summer was pretty slow for NESU-Enklaavi. Some of us took part in Kesämöksä and had a really good time there with many other Nesuits, and since we all love summer cottages, our board even had their own cottage weekend with the board ’20. It was remarkably nice to get to see each other after such a long time apart. We organized the craziest cottage olympics ever (the board ’21 won of course), ate delicious food and even had the time to make plans for this autumn.


We have noticed some difficulties for people to understand what NESU exactly is. That’s why we decided to better explain what NESU actually is through a video, that we filmed during the summer cottages, and hopefully many of you have already seen it. We are so proud of the work that we did, so we decided to share it here as well. The video is in Finnish but it also has English subtitles.

August came so suddenly, and then it was time to get ready for a new academic year, and of course, our amazing freshmen. We were really excited to get to meet all the new potential Nesuits. Unfortunately we had to postpone all of our sits parties from September to October, which means we haven’t been able to have our freshers’ sits yet. However, we are really looking forward to our sits parties, since for the first time we are having two futuristic sits parties for our freshmen.

We didn’t have any of our own events during the freshmen weeks, but luckily we were still able to participate in many events hosted by other organizations. The events we participated in were great. We had for example our traditional apartment tour, which means that we visited every tutor group during their pre-parties to inform our freshmen about NESU and followed it up with Helan går and a shot.

We had a chance to meet the freshmen from other guilds as well and our board has been really active to take part in every event on campus. We also organized some activities whenever it was needed. One of our great success stories was our task in the Freshmen Orienteering. The freshmen were supposed to “take a trip to Mikkeli” for a sits party. The task started from a slip-and-slide and ended up in a beer pong related game. We are so happy about how it turned out and our freshmen also seemed to like the task a lot.

We asked a few of our amazing freshmen some questions about the freshmen weeks and about NESU, and luckily our freshmen had not forgotten us: When asked what NESU-events they were excited about, our freshers’ sits was the one to pop up the most. We have as well been visible during the freshman autumn: and the best memories seemed to be from the apartment tour and especially from the Freshmen Orienteering. The first things that came to mind when hearing the term ‘NESU’ were: Nordiska Ekonomie Studerandes Union, sits parties, groggy events and great visits in other NESU-cities.

Overall our freshmen had gotten a positive picture of NESU and we have been seen a lot in both official and unofficial events. To cite one of our freshmen, “it’s always fun with Nesuits”. We have also been visible in social media, where the sense of community has really made an impact on our freshmen, and the one thing our social media platforms have made our freshmen extra curious about, is the NESU Conference. While the freshmen also seem to be really excited about the sits parties in other NESU-cities as well.

NESU Autumn Conference 2021 will be held in Lappeenranta, and we are really excited about it. We can’t wait to see you all here in Lappeenranta! Overall, we are all really excited about the next few months, and have many amazing events coming up.

NESU-Enklaavi ’21