Hooray for a better tomorrow: NESU-Finanssi

Hello our dear reader and greetings from Oulu, it’s been far too long!

After a warm summer we’re back at it again with more enthusiasm than ever because we can finally organize events again! At least in the more normal way – meeting people face to face and having conversations that aren’t freezing due to bad connection.

Due to limitations to gatherings, we had to find different ways of organizing events. We wanted to give the new freshmen and other potential new nesuits proper ways of making connections with one another but mainly we wanted to introduce NESU in its most familiar habitat which meant actual sits parties. As mentioned, we had to figure out alternative event proceedings to make this all happen so we had our freshmen sits party outside. The weather was nice, although a little windy but we managed to reach our goal of teaching our freshmen what NESU events, at least sits parties, are all about.

In addition to sits parties, we have attended Finanssi’s events for example freshmen orienteering.

This fall has brightened our plans for the future and given us a new boost in organizing events. For one to be able to do better in the future and evolve, one must learn from the past, which is why we had the honor of our freshmen telling us what NESU means to them and how does has NESU affected the first month of their university studies. Martti, Selja and Juho have all began their business studies in the university of Oulu this Autumn and they’ve had the pleasure of attending various events, some of them organized by NESU-Finanssi. Let’s cut to the chaise, shall we?

We asked them five questions and here’s what we found out:

First we wanted to know what is the first thing that came into their minds when they think about NESU. They all answered sits parties in a heartbeat! This is actually is a very common answer and you might have thought about that as well. Juho also added that also somehow Nordic co-operation, which we were very happy to hear 🙂

They all have a little experience by now. Also, Martti has already been wowed by NESU since he attended the Gran Canaria sits party organized by NESU-Jyväskylä. We love his enthusiasm and hope that he’ll get to know the other NESU-cities as well.

The third question was that what NESU events are they excited about. Martti told us that he’s looking forward to any sits parties we’re organizing here in Oulu. He added that he wasn’t sure about what events there are but has generally heard about them from his friends and always joined in. In addition to looking forward to the next sits party, Selja was especially excited about the BarBusExcursion (BBE in short) event next week. She told us that the concept sounds really good and she hopes to have a great time, which we all are hoping for. If you haven’t heard about it yet, it’s a mini excursion to a few bars all around Oulu you get to experience with the best company there is!

Then, we wanted to know if NESU has been visible during this past month. They all said that NESU has been very actively present. Juho told that the sits parties where the highlight of the orientation week and that’s where he’s mainly seen NESU, in addition of course, to the infos of the orientation week. Martti has seen nesuits in about every event there’s been during these few weeks so he felt like NESU is really actively present.

Lastly, we wanted to know what has been the best thing about NESU so far. Selja told us that nesuits have been very nice people in general and that’s why she’s wanted to join NESU events. in Juhos opinion NESU events are a bit different than other events and the togetherness as well as the opportunity to meet new people are the best things. Martti wanted to point out that NESU events have been organized in a good way without any extra hassle. He also said that the experience of ulkkarisitsit was the best!

We are so very happy to hear that the freshmen have a positive image of NESU and we’re gonna work for it to remain as such! It’s time for us to look towards the future and a better tomorrow because that’s exactly what we in Oulu see.

We have a lot of things happening now since the restrictions have eased up. If you didn’t already know, NESU-Finanssi is organizing all the sits parties we economic students have here in Oulu, whether they are NESU events or not. We Finanssi people have missed sits parties, as well as are you too surely, so we have quite a few sits parties coming up. We’d also like to invite you to join us since we’ve got two NESU sits parties already in the calendar! If you’ve already seen them in the NESU calendar, you might have noticed that our mother organization Finanssi is turning 30 years old and we want to throw a party for this occasion in November.

We’re excited about the chance of organizing sits parties indoors again, about BBE since it’s been on hold for the past one and a half years and of course about the chance to meet you nesuits from other cities in yours and our events!

With love,

NESU-Finanssi ’21