Hooray for a better tomorrow: NESU-KY

Well, it’s safe to say that none of us at NESU-KY have ever had an autumn like this before. With planning our own events, recruiting new Nesuits from the mursus (freshmen), and attending all the other weekly events at KY, we’ve been busier than ever, in the best way possible. Our preparations for orientation week and the fall in general began halfway through the summer as there was just so much to think about and plan in advance. Especially Harkkasitsit – the Practice Sitsparty for new mursus – took up a lot of our time. The sitsparty was one of the biggest we’ve seen at KY and also the first proper sitsparty our current members have gotten to organise this year. With over 250 guests, it’s fair to say that it was a success! 

With that behind us, we are fully focused on the most important part of this fall: recruiting and eventually choosing new Nesuits from KY’s mursus. We’ve been lucky enough that this autumn, things at KY have almost gotten back to normal. Even before orientation week officially started, we had the opportunity to show mursus what NESU is all about at the semester kick-off. Throughout orientation week, we were able to participate in events hosted by other organizations – for example by having our own check points – and even host our own event together with the other subcommittees at KY. Our amazing tutors were also a great help in making sure that mursus understood what subcommittees are and what NESU does. We also took advantage of social media, and made sure that mursus also got their fair share of information through our Instagram and Facebook. The promo video we shot last year has also been a great success and a huge help when it comes to marketing!

For us, the most important thing has always been to be open and inviting – even if mursus choose to not apply to NESU, we want to make sure that they still feel welcomed to all of our events! We also made it clear from the start that we are open to any questions and are more than happy to just chat about anything NESU-related as well as life in general. It’s been great to hear that that’s how NESU has come across to a lot of the new students at KY as well! Especially the spirit of our current active year has been praised and a lot of mursus mentioned that our friend group seems like one they would really like to be a part of – which is honestly the best compliment we could ever get. 

For the past few weeks, we’ve truly kicked into high gear and have fully focused on our new NESU-mursus. When talking to mursus about NESU and the orientation week, there is one common denominator: they  have felt that NESU has been open, warm and welcoming from the beginning. A lot of mursus also mentioned that they felt that we were always around – which is no wonder as there are over 600 Nesuits at KY. Mursus also named Harkkasitsit as one of the most memorable events thus far and said that participating made them realize they want to be a part of the organising team as well. One mursu also said something that stuck with us: “NESU just seems like one big friend group who gets to organize events together and hang out every day. Who wouldn’t want that?”

As of now, we are super happy with how many people have showed interest in NESU and our events, and can’t wait to familiarise our NESU-mursus with our traditions! The upcoming weeks will be all about internal events aimed at our mursus, and most importantly just getting to know each other. We think that it’s just as important for us to get to know our mursus as it is for them to get to know us and each other, and most of all find out if NESU is their cup of tea.

We hope you are all doing well and we can’t wait to see you at our upcoming sitsparties!

Sending the biggest virtual hug,