Hooray for a better tomorrow: NESU Estonia

Greetings from Tallinn!

NESU Estonia is doing super well here and the first month of the academic year has went by so quickly that we almost didn´t notice that it is already over. We have had so much to do lately because September is traditionally the Fresher´s Month here in Tallinn. We have been busy organising events for our beloved freshmen with other student associations and have been participating in bigger events such as Pub Crawl in collaboration with other associations. Luckily we have had time for organising couple of our own events too.

Some weeks ago, we had our traditional Virgin Sits which are the first sits party ever for the freshmen in Tallinn. Freshmen were of course excited about the sits, but so were our older students, as these were the first physical sits organised here since last autumn. Needless to say that tickets to the event sold out super fast.

As always, we enjoyed the songs, company, and overall atmosphere at the sits since it has been quite a long time since we sat down by the sits table with each other. We were also super happy to see that many people from other NESU cities were also interested in participating the event. Special thanks to you for visiting us and hopefully we meet soon at the sits parties in Finland!

In addition to Virgin Sits, this autumn we have also organised Ultimate Beer Challenge and and most recently; NESU Hangout where we were talking about NESU with our freshmen and answered their questions about the organisation. NESU Estonia has been very visible for the freshmen in Tallinn and many people are interested in NESU activities.

One of our freshmen, Ali, was willing to share some of his NESU-related experiences. He have been participating our events actively this autumn and we are more than happy to have him onboard!

So far, the most memorable NESU event for Ali has been the Virgin Sits, which in his own words “gave us a night to remember”. Ali says that NESU has been a big help for him during his freshman fall and we have answered for many of his questions that he had in the beginning. In Ali’s point of view NESU has been very open to get to know the freshmen right from the start and have had good parties that has had an impact of getting to know new people. The first thing that comes to his mind when he hears the term NESU is fun and outgoing organisation that knows how to party and have fun but also at the same time be helpful with any study related questions.

Sounds like a success from our side, right?

After the Fresher´s Month it is time to start focusing on our future events. The event we are waiting for the most is definitely NESU Conference on the spring of 2022 which takes place in Tallinn. We still have a lot of work to do, but we promise it is going to be AWESOME!

With the kindest regards,

NESU Estonia