This time it’s our turn at Nesu-SSHV to entertain you with a blogpost!

The autumn has been eventful for us, as we’re one of the smaller Nesu-organizations and usually only hold one event per autumn. This year we’ve organised a beerpong tournament as well as a sitzparty in late November.

The beerpong tournament was intended for the freshmen at Hanken in Vaasa, as our main objective was to gain interest among the new students. The amount of participants caught us by surprise as we had to split the participants into two groups to play on different times, because of some corona-restrictions at our student bar. Overall it was a great event and we got a lot of good feedback from the new students.

In November we organized our Children’s birthdayparty-sitz. We had a lot of fun and according to some sources, whether reliable or not, the sitzparty had a record amount of our own students at a Nesu-SSHV sitz. We would of course like to thank all the participants from other Nesu- organizations for coming to Vaasa ❤️

All in all we’ve had a fun autumn, with some of our members being present at Nesu-sitzes in Turku, Helsinki, Jyväskylä, Mikkeli… the list goes on! We hope you have had a fun autumn as well and we’re looking forward to the next season of Nesu! Because Nesu is, as they say, the best times of our lives!

With kind regards,

NESU-SSHV’s board ’21