Greetings from Turku! This fall has been quite eventful for us. Well actually, even our summer was filled with activities. During summer we finished renewing our own songbook called “Monttu Auki” and wrote our part for the NESU historiography. We also had our own summer cottage together which was one of the highlights of our summer! Some of us also took part in NESU Finland’s Kesämöksä. It was great to get to meet new people there!

During summer we also had time to rest and gather energy for the coming autumn. And what an autumn it has been for us! Our autumn started with Freshers week, where we were telling about NESU for the new freshmen. During the second school week we organized our traditional Practice Sitz and the ticket sale was held outside, just like the previous year. Even though the queueing was held outside, we had a historically big turnout: the ticket sale started at seven in the morning and the most eager ones came to the queue at five in the afternoon on the previous day! NESU was on every freshman’s lips during that time. One freshman said that the queueing and seeing how many freshman wanted a ticket to the sitzparty was really memorable. We organized two Practice sitzparties because we had so many freshman wanting to attend.


This fall we made sure that our traditions continue even after difficult years and we were able to organize our traditional sitzparties like Annual Ball Sitzparty, Porn 2 Party and PMPJ(pre-Christmas Sitzparty)! One of our projects for this year was to encourage students from Turku to attend other NESU-organizations sitzparties. This was a success as we have had more people attending sitzparties outside of Turku than ever before. When we asked our freshmen what came to their minds when hearing ‘NESU’ they said the following: “when I hear NESU I think of great team spirit” and “the community spirit between NESU-cities”. They also said that the possibility of getting to know people from all around Finland and other countries impressed them. It is safe to say that this year we succeeded in transferring the NESU-spirit to our new freshmen and we got new NESUits from previous classes also. 

In November we had our board election and chose the new board for the year 2022. We had many amazing candidates and it was great to see that so many wanted to be a part of our board! Next year NESU-TuKY’s goal is to return to the normal calendar of events and organize the events at usual times. It is also our ambition to continue the great work we did this year and gather up even more new excited NESUits.

NESU-TuKY 2022!


But now we will take a step back and enjoy a little Christmas holiday before coming back next year with new energy! NESU-TuKY wishes everyone a very happy Christmas! <3

With all the love,