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December 16, 2014By NESU FinlandBlog

Hello to everyone on my part as well!

It’s now my turn to talk a little bit about myself, so here we go:

My name is Lauri – though most of you might know me by nickname, Hessu – and I’m the communications coordinator for NESU Finland. I’ve spent the last couple of years studying international business in the tiny side campus of Aalto University in Mikkeli, which means that my “home organization” is the glorious NESU-Probba <3. We aren’t quite as often seen around at NESU events due to our short programme length and intensive study schedule, but those of us who manage to get around definitely do so with dedication! You might recognize us by our school song “Oi Mikkeli”, or the otherwise great party spirit that we demonstrate 🙂

As for what I do in the board, I mostly occupy myself with running this very website. It can at times be very frustrating, but in the end learning and tinkering around with admin issues has definitely been an extremely rewarding experience! I also take care of the communications that we have between the different NESU boards in Finland, most prominently helping to coordinate the Eastern Finland tour in the autumn and the Wappu tour in the spring.

Over my three years of studies one of the best decisions I’ve made was to get involved in NESU. Together with our awesome board of 2013 we got to organize amazing events as well as give our contribution to strengthening the NESU culture by greatly increasing our activity in visiting other cities. For myself it still feels in a way that I’m only getting started: I only recently experienced my first conference in Iceland, which I’m confident is just the first of many to come! I also still haven’t had the time to visit all of the NESU cities, so that’s something I’m looking forward to as well.

If you’re a first year student then chances are you haven’t seen me around too much as I’ve been studying on exchange in Montreal, Canada. While I’ve definitely had a great time over here I have to say that I’ve missed the Finnish student life terribly, and you can therefore expect to see me around at plenty of events in the coming spring! Feel free to say hi!

And that’s all I have to say for now, so thanks for taking the time to read this 🙂


Communications Coordinator

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