My name is Ville Marchant and I’m currently the vice chairman of the board of NESU Finland. In addition to being the vice chairman, I’m also responsible for all projects our board encounters, but more on that later.


I’m now a second year student at Aalto University School of Business. I first heard about NESU during the first weeks of my studies and I was hooked immediately.

I ended up as the chairman of NESU-KY for the year 2015. In the summer I started pondering whether I should apply for the NESU Finland board as well. I ended up making the right decision, applied and got elected.


Now I’ve been in the board for around 6 months and it’s been great. We have a great team and we are working together to make life easier for all NESU organizations. My responsibilities as the vice chair include supporting the chair Jannica and sub for her if she can’t make it to meetings etc. In addition to being the vice chairman, I also have projects as my responsibility. This includes for example taking care of the logistics for Wappurundi, handling NESU goes Ruisrock and all matters that don’t directly fall under a specific board member’s responsibility.


There’s still 6 months of our time in the board remaining and I’m sure it will be just as great as the previous 6 months. We at NESU Finland are here to help you so if you have any questions, don’t hesitate to contact us and if you see us at events, feel free to come and say hello!