Hi everyone of you NESUits!


My name is Linda Nordlund and I am the third blogpost writer who will tell you about me and my year in NESU Finland ´16-´17 and how it was to handle Corporate Relations.


My third year in Jyväskylä University (Pörssi ry) starts in September. That will also be my third autumn with NESU and its awesome people. It all started two years ago in 2015 at the first week of school. Our older Nesuits told about NESU and soon I was traveling around the Finland and I was loving it. I applied to NESU-Jyväskylä´s board that same autumn and I was elected to be an event organizer. I enjoyed being in board, so it was kind of a natural next step to apply to NESU Finland in 2016’s summer cottage. That´s how I got into this awesome board and I got a chance to improve myself and my courage by taking care of our corporate relations.


My job with the corporate relations was a whole new world to me and it contained a lot of new information, but it was also rewarding. My responsibilities were looking for potential firms that would be interested in cooperation for example in our Case Competitions. Then we contact them and made them feel like we were the best thing that they can have or be a part of. It was amazing to see how well corporations took us and how good and different cooperation’s we got for our events.


As I said, this year has thought me a lot. I learned about corporations and contacting of course, but I also got a lot more courage and experience. I also got to travel around the Finland a little more and got to know a lot more of you lovely NESUits and of course that’s always the best thing! In my year in NESU Finland board I still think that the best part was that I got so much help and knowledge from our lovely team and I got to know them better. Without Tommi, Henrietta, Pipsa and our awesome chairwoman Jenni this NESU year wouldn’t have been so great. Thank you all!


And for any one of you I can recommend a year in NESU Finland anytime! Please ask if you have any questions.