Hello everyone!

My name is Oskari Lohivesi and I am in charge of the Corporate Relations in Nesu-Finland. I study International Business in the sunniest city of Finland: Vaasa. NESU

I was for the first years of my studies active in Nesu-Waasa on the local level, traveling around the country in NESU- sitsparties, occasionally going also abroad. But at the end of my second year in Business School I wanted to do something more for the organization that had given me so many new experiences and friends. So I applied for the position of Corporate Relations in the Board of Nesu Finland.

My job description was to maintain and create new relations with outside stakeholders and help with other projects we did this year. Also act as a board member. During the year my biggest project was the renewal of nesu.net with the board. I was responsible for the project. It took a lot of work, time and nerves to get this project done, but in the end it was rewarding and a teaching experience with a great outcome.

My year at NESU Finland was an awesome and rewarding experience, and allowed me to get to know a lot of wonderful people to learn new skills. If you are interested in joining  and becoming a part of the board 0f 18-19 feel free to ask any of us the current board members any questions and applying before the deadline.

With regards