Hello to all my dear nesuists!

It is time to introduce a third of our board’s member.

My name is Olga Saray and I am Project Coordinator and Vice-Chairman of board 17′-18′ of NESU Finland. My NESU experience started on my very first day as a business student in Joensuu. My interest was inspired by hilarious stories and strong networking all over Finland. After that night, I decided to run for the board of NESU Optimi and a couple of months later I found myself et NESU Dagen event in Lappeenranta with our brand new NESU board. From that moment my love for NESU and nesuists started to grow with every NESU-event I ever attended and as we say the end is history.

As a Project Coordinator of NESU Finland my main focus is on creating and implementing events for business students all over Finland. The biggest and most traditional event of the year I had the honor to organize was Wappurundi 2018. In a nutshell, Wappurundi is a couple day long road trip around Finland from one sits party to another.

Planning and implementation of the event were stressful and even hard from time to time. There was a lot to be considered and a lot of things to take care of but with the help and absolutely awesome support of our board, we managed to make Wappurundi 2018 an absolute success. When I saw how much fun everyone was having, I knew it was worth all the trouble.

While organizing the Wappurundi I learned a lot about working and partnering with companies, dealing with a hurry or a tight schedule, budgeting and taking into account the slightest details that can go wrong. I’m sure that all of these things are valuable skills and knowledge in working life.

Though often the vice president’s task is limited, this year I was honored to lead an annual meeting of NESU Finland while Noora, our chairman, was away. I did appreciate a lot the trust that was given to me by my board mates and by the rest of the nesuist attending that meeting. My year in the board of NESU Finland was awesome and leading the meeting was one of the best experience.

If you are considering running for the board then I say go for it! And if you have any questions or need a little bit of support and encouragement then just contact me on any social media platform or by a simple message. I had a lot of support from my dear nesuists and I know how important it was for me, so if you need me just say so and I will be there supporting you.

With love,