Meet the Board ’22-’23 of NESU Finland Part 2

Hello! My name is Oskari Andersson and I’ll be taking care of our corporate relations in the board of ’22-’23! Here are some interesting (and not so interesting) things about me: I’m a third year student at the University of Jyväskylä and originally I’m from Kirkkonummi. I also have the privilege to represent NESU-JKL this year as the chairman of the organization. My normal days go by pretending to do schoolwork but in reality just browsing through NESU calendar to find the next sitsparties to participate in. At least that leaves me with quite a few years left in NESU!

I can still recall the first time I heard about NESU. It was my third day during the freshmen weeks and NESU-JKL hosted their traditional NESUlympics. At the time I had no clue what NESU even was but somehow ended up buying a NESU beanie for myself because why not! After that I attended my first NESU sits and rest is history. As Aki Sirkesalo, a Finnish artist said: “I gave little finger and it took the whole hand”. I think that this sentence is quite accurate on how I got into NESU. Do I regret joining NESU? Absolutely not!

There are too many amazing and fun memories to even count but couple highlights must be my first Conference I attended in Tallinn last spring and also the unofficial Home-Appro event in Lappeenranta the day after NESU-Enklaavi’s Natten sits. In conference I really felt like I was at home with the NESU people. All the amazing activities and people being so like-minded made the whole event unforgettable. For the sits parties I have only been to about 15 so far. This number is going to be at least doubled during my year in NESU-Finland I promise that!

“That’s all I have to say about that. “– Forrest Gump

Yours truly,


Hello! My name is Tuomas Alm, and I’ll be taking care of our website in the board of ’22-’23! In other wors I’m the webmaster. I’m from Salo but now I study at Turku. I started my NESU-career as the Treasurer of NESU-TuKY. I’m currently involved with the student union of the university of Turku, and in my free time I sail a lot.

I’ve been to 44 sitz-parties, although a good 20 of them are remote sitz-parties. I highly recommend participating in all events you can, they really are what makes university life the best years of your life.

My best NESU memory is from NESU-Enklaavi’s futuristic fuksisitz party in Lappeenranta. After being thoroughly beaten in Beer Pong during the afterparty me and my friend wandered around Skinnarila for hours trying to remember where we were supposed to stay. It took us a mere 90 minutes to find our way to the right house, which was basically a straight walk for a couple hundred meters.

There’re also the multiple times me and my friends have participated in the yearly tradition of queueing through the night at our university to get tickets to the practise sitz-party of NESU-TuKY. The queue is the place where we first met each other. Obviously, none of us are first year students and can’t get tickets anymore, but it’s fun to queue with the first-year students.

See you at the long tables,