Meet the Board ’22-’23 of NESU Finland Part 3

Hello to all you lovely people!

I’m Akseli Lepistö, the Treasurer of this year’s NESU Finland board. I’m a 24-year old 4th year tax law student. Originally I am from Vantaa, but these days I am happy to call Tampere my home. But since home is where the heart is, I should maybe just call NESU my home instead. I remember attending my first sitzparty as a freshman and on the first break telling my friends loudly that ”This could be my thing.” Turns out it quite quickly became my thing, too, since in my second year of studies I applied for the board of NESU-Boomi, where I still am for a second year in a row; first as the Communications representative and now the Chairman of the board. After the big C let go a little bit, I also started to perform a bit better on the sitz front and now my sitzparty count is around 37, 30–31 of which are official NESU sitzparties.

Some of my favorite NESU memories include the 2021 Dagen sitz in Mikkeli, my first ulkkari sitzparty in Jyväskylä as a small freshman who didn’t know anything about anything, as well as obviously my own practice sitz in Tampere. But above all of them is one thing; my first NESU Conference in Tallinn this Spring. I went to the Conference not knowing what to expect and came back with some amazing memories (and a bad flu). It truly is an experience that cannot be easily described to someone who has not been in one.
NESU has given me so much and I am very honored to be chosen to the board of NESU Finland for 2022-2023, and I cannot wait to see what this year (and the rest of my time as a NESUit) brings.

See you syssymmällä!

Da party bois

Hello folks!

My name is Juho Karén and I manage the work of the project manager on the board of ’22-’23! Next up newsflash about me. I’m studying the third year at the LUT University at lappeen Ranta. Originally I’m from the notorious city of Loimaa which is located somewhere in southwestern Finland.

Anyways about my NESU career. All this started from the inspiration that I got from my friends. I got elected to NESU-Enklaavi as a sits manager in my freshman year at lappeen Ranta. To this day, I have not regretted for a single day that I joined this fabulous organization. I already thought that my active years were behind me, but here we go again, this time in the role of NESU Finland’s project manager.

I know you should keep a record of how many sitz you’ve attended, but I have no idea. The number that gives direction is somewhere between 20 and 40. Even more important than this number, I consider all the fun memories I have received from sitz trips. Let’s give an example, my friend and I’s a week-long trip around Finland, visiting four different sitzis parties that were rough rock!

In any case, let’s keep in mind that the gang has a good time, and let’s move on



Juho sitseillä