Something old, something new – NESU-Finanssi

Greetings from Oulu!

NESU-Finanssi board 22′ in Finanssi’s Favorite artist- sitsparty

Summer is long gone but we have had a great time this fall – and the fun never ends!

It has been a blessing that we have finally been able to organize normal freshmen weeks after these horrible years. NESU-events have been very popular among new students in Oulu and NESU-Finanssi is going strong! Everyone is having fun here, and freshmen have been very interested and excited about NESU and the possibilities it offers.

So far, we have had 5 sits parties this fall including one for exchange students and one in collaboration with OLO (Oulun Luokanopettajaopiskelijat ry) and all of them have sold out very quickly. In addition to sits parties, we have also organized BarBusExcursion and Laser Tag and they both received a lot of positive feedback.


NESU-Finanssi 22′ board members in Finanssi’s Freshmen Orienteering

Our traditional Wine Tasting is taking place in November after a very long break. We are also going have a NESU-sits party in November (19.11.) where students from other cities are warmly welcome and we are hoping to see a beautiful range of overall colours there!

We wanted to know, how NESU appears to Finanssi students both freshmen and older students, so we asked, “What does NESU mean to you?” and here is what we got:



Freshman having fun with NESU-Finanssi in Finanssi’s Freshmen Orienteering


” During freshmen weeks, NESU was introduced to us and I already thought how amazing it would be to belong to something like that. Our NESU-Finanssi board seems to have a lot of fun when planning and organizing events so I would say that I am interested. I am also very excited to go to other NESU-cities as soon as possible.– Freshman

” I’ve participated to dozens of NESU events around Finland and I’ve seen the NESU-spirit in different cities and got to know a lot of great people. Though I’ve been in a lot of sits parties, they are never boring because every party has its own atmosphere.” –  4th year student

” For me, NESU means great parties and events and it really helps you to get to know people, when you do not have a lot of friends in a new city.” – Freshman

” In sits parties you get to sing and laugh while getting to know new people without any pressure. The best thing in NESU is the feeling of togetherness and visiting other NESU-cities’ parties. I recommend sits parties for everyone – in other cities also because they are unforgettable experiences.” – 5th year student

” I think it is great that we have something like NESU bringing students from across Finland and Nordic countries together. I am looking forward to whatever experiences NESU will offer me.” – Freshman



With love,

NESU-Finanssi 22’