This post is the first out of the two of our NESU-Finland Board 2021-2022 blog series Land Ahoy. In these posts, you get to meet our NESU-Finland 2020-2021 and hear more about how their year as board members has been. Obviously, you will also hear multiple reasons why you might soon want to send your application for the board of 2021-2022.

The application period for the NESU-Finland Board of 2021-2022 starts on Mon June 28 and ends on Sun July 11, so stay tuned!

Now, take a good position and enjoy reading!


Seela Suhonen
  • Webmaster, Vice-Chair, Secretary
  • 4th-year student
  • NESU-Probba / NESU-KY

Land Ahoy? Oh yes please, even though a year of sailing around has not been in vain.

Hello dear nesuits, it is the Vice-Chair, the Webmaster, and the Secretary of the board speaking. However, regardless of the many titles, my responsibilities on the board have been easy to grasp and definitely have been something I have enjoyed the past year. Something that has changed from the past is that the post of Communications Coordinator has been divided and has worked effortlessly, thanks to my colleague on the board, Petra. From my part, I have gotten to create new topics and themes for this blog, to chat with other nesuits all over the Union weekly, hustled around as the secretary in our board and country meetings, to introduce myself to the world of WordPress ( and of course, participated in taking NESU through the pandemic alongside the crew of NESU-Finland Board ’20-’21.

Overall, I have learned to plan more effectively and improve my personal time management skills, developed my IT skills with a new platform (that has been useful also at my work), developed my listening and writing skills as the secretary, learned more about the whole NESU as a union and, of course, got a valuable experience from working as a team. Thus, the time on the board has been extremely rewarding and I am happy that I dared to apply almost a year ago. Our team has faced different challenges during the year, such as figuring out how to organize meetings through Zoom, host a new NESU-event remotely and how to bring the people of NESU together through Discord, but thanks to the determination of our board members, we have held it all together and succeeded. From my perspective, it has been delightful to give my contribution to helping the organization, which has been such a huge part of my student life, to get through the depressing times and prepare to bring people together again in the future.

At this point, you might still be wondering why the headline suggests that there’s Land Ahoy. Of course, the reason is the fact that our dear Union still has some glory days ahead after the restrictions are just a bad memory in our minds. This year, as a board member of NESU-Finland, we naturally do not have any extraordinary experiences to share from the active and absorbing NESU-events but oh boy we hope to participate in them once again next year. I especially am looking forward to participating in the Conferences and finding possibly life-long friends after a week, seeing new freshmen experiencing their very first Sitz party, and of course, seeing the people who I have already met thanks to NESU having a blast together after the long break, hopefully already at the NESU-Kesämöksä.

So, did you recognize yourself also wandering around through your dearest NESU-memories and realizing how much you miss seeing the NESU-spirit alive and well? Well, start preparing your application for the next NESU-Finland board and get ready to be in the center of witnessing the best student Union waking up again!





Petra Käki
  • Head of Communications
  • 3rd-year student
  • NESU-Boomi

Well hello there, it’s Petra aka the Head of Communications here!

As it’s almost the end of my year in NESU Finland, it’s a good time to look back. As you may have guessed, my position included (almost) everything regarding communications. But wait, what – where’s the good old CC?

As my dear colleague Seela already mentioned, the position of Communications Coordinator was divided at the beginning of our year between us two. Wonder why? First of all, we were happy to see that there were so many eager applicants to the board of ‘20-’21, so we decided to increase the board size from four to six. After that, we agreed that the CC had most work on one’s plate, so our goal was to allocate those duties as evenly as possible. In the end, this position demands a little creativity once in a while, which may require some time. Personally, I think that the decision was great and I’m very glad about it. It definitely took some of the load off my shoulders since it’s been quite a lot for CC’s to handle all the social media, blog,, etc. way we were able to provide better content for you.

Thus, the division left me responsible for all of the social media content, e-mails, GDPR, and guiding the CCs of every NESU board. To balance all that, we have luckily had lots of other things to do besides our main responsibilities, for example planning a virtual NESU Dagen and NPV-möksä (NESU puheenjohtajien verkosto), creating a new concept NESU Talks, helping the NESU President with the History Project and thinking about the values of NESU to name a few. To summarize, this year has been eventful and rich, even though not the way we all expected. The world didn’t open and we all are still waiting to see you people in person. Years like this prove that NESU and the NESU spirit can make it through everything!

This year in Finski truly did teach me a lot of things, as cliché as it sounds. The experience from the social media field and content production has helped me in my working life, not to mention all of the organizing, planning, and co-operations. In addition, I was also lucky to learn more about two of the most important things: about NESU and myself. Finski is without a doubt the best place to experience NESU and a very good place to learn something new about yourself as well! In addition, you get to know such amazing people from different NESU cities and of course, you get your own supportive network, your family, your board! <3

For me, the decision to apply to the board was not made in one night, not even two. I was hesitating for quite some time, but as a former CC of NESU-Boomi, the role of communications was starting to tempt me more and more each day. Everyone knows that this is the best role ever – am I right? 😉 So if you are hesitating or you are even a tiny bit interested in applying this year, I have just two words for you: DO IT! I guarantee that you will regret it more if you don’t apply than if you do. In other words: applying is the best decision you will ever have!

Lots of love and see you guys soon!


Head of Communications


Julius Gran
  • Country Representative
  • 4th-year student
  • NESU-Optimi

Ahoi all nesuits! Oh, what a year it has been. The storm of Covid just kept raging and we didn’t see the land of contact events during this year. But the distance named sailing journey has still been exciting and I am more than happy that I got to share it with the best crew I can imagine! Here are some thoughts about last year by me, the Chairman of NESU Finland.

At first, I have to wonder about the amount of adaptive inspiration all the NESU organizations have presented. It is truly amazing! All the distance sits’, gaming nights, the alumni event, and other projects like NESU-JKL’s idea of Instagram greetings from all the cities. At first, when I realized we can not delay NESU Dagens anymore in hope of a contact event, it felt a little bit scary to transfer a big event to a distance version and try to get most of its normal benefits to stay. But as we started to brainstorm with the board the ideas lit up the event rapidly. And that shows pretty well what it means to work with the NESU board. Even when challenges arise the family of NESU endures and gets through.

If you are even slightly considering applying for the board I can strongly recommend it. Next year the traditional events of NESU year, such as Eastern Finland rundi, NESU Conferences, Dagens, and Wappurundi, will most likely be organized. It is crucial now to have a board with an enthusiastic attitude to revive all traditional events. Now you will also have a chance to shape those traditional events and the best parts of last year’s innovations, such as the alumni event, to be the core of NESU events in the future. 

Personally, I am so eager at the moment to finally meet with all you lovely people at the NESU Summer Cottage. So get your summer socks ready and sign in for the best weekend of this summer (and of course, apply to NESU-Finland 2021-2022)!

With NESU-love,