This post is the second out of the two of our NESU-Finland Board 2021-2022 blog series Land Ahoy. In these posts, you get to meet our NESU-Finland 2020-2021 and hear more about how their year as board members has been. Obviously, you will also hear multiple reasons why you might soon want to send your application for the board of 2021-2022.

The application period for the NESU-Finland Board of 2021-2022 starts on Mon June 28 and ends on Sun July 11, so stay tuned!

Now, take a good position and enjoy reading, again!


Sanni Lehtonen
  • Corporate Relations Coordinator
  • 3rd-year student
  • NESU-Enklaavi

Feels like just yesterday we were chosen as the new board of NESU Finland…

This time last year I was considering whether I should apply to the board of NESU Finland. I knew I wanted to, but I was scared. Even a week before NESU.kesämöksä I said to my dear friend Julius (who a week later became the chairman and the country representative of NESU Finland) that I don’t want to apply anymore. Last year there was a record number of applicants and I really didn’t think I stood a chance. But the thing is you get 0% of the chances you don’t take. Deep inside I knew I would regret it for a very long time if I didn’t even try.

In many ways, this has been an unusual year for all of us. Obviously, there have been some obstacles (like white bathrobes). However, this year has also been very rewarding. I think we all learned how to adapt to different situations and how to create new concepts. I’m very proud of our virtual NESU Dagen as that had never been done before and NESU Finland usually isn’t in a big role at Dagen. Also, all five of my board mates are such incredible people and I feel very lucky to have had the chance to work with them.

Even though our year on the board of NESU Finland didn’t have so many amazing events or unforgettable days, there has been a lot of good things. If I had to pick a favorite thing about being part of NESU Finland’s board, I’d say the feeling of belonging. During the pandemic, NESU has been there for all of us. I have been impressed by the remote events of different NESU organizations and by the fact that NESU has continued to attract new people and new freshmen even during these difficult times. NESU Finland and NESU as a union gave me a lot of hope during this last year.

As the corporate relations coordinator of the board, I have not had a chance to explore all possibilities this role could have to offer. I got to coordinate for instance NESU merch and songbooks as well as handle our partnerships, but the situation did affect my role. I, however, have a feeling that my successor will have a better chance. Applying to the board of NESU Finland was one of the best decisions I have made, and you can make this same decision. I recommend that if you feel even a tiny spark towards applying, you should do it. I assure you it will be worth it.

Sanni Lehtonen, Corporate Relations Coordinator of NESU Finland ’20-’21


Mikko Salusjärvi
  • Treasurer
  • 4th-year student
  • NESU-Waasa

Distance this, distance that. Zoom, Discord, and Teams.

These are the words to describe the past year. To find a deeper insight on what was my experience on NESU Finland during this time is very hard. Yet, there are some things worth mentioning.

During my year I have taken some large personal leaps academically speaking and also regarding my personal growth. Most of these are certainly reflective of the NESU itself, but for the first time in my life, I met people starting their master’s studies that had not even heard about NESU. In those moments I realized what NESU is to me and what does it mean to represent something I love and believe in so deeply. I have made a nationwide and even somewhat international family for myself, to which I feel that I would be welcome any time of the day or week. I am in daily contact with them, and they have helped me to grow and reflect on everything from my school tasks to my personal issues. Needless to say, I would not be the same without NESU.

Life on the board of NESU-Finland has acted as a kind of a support network, where we solve each other’s issues and attempt to re-invent a wheel with innovative solutions due to the existing limitations. I could not be prouder of us and the results we managed to achieve with our wonderful board. Yet, the power needs to be passed on to the next generation.

If you were wondering whether to apply or not, my answer is simple: If you want to make the most out of your next year, you cannot achieve it without this experience. This is a family that makes you more than you are and if your heart holds any love for the organization itself, this is the way it is going to pay you back the most. I have not felt obliged to do anything because all the tasks that I have had during my year have been certainly easy, but fun with all the fellow board members, as no one is left alone with any issues.

So, if you feel that you know how to do accounting on the side of having another family while enjoying a drink or a meal with your nearest and dearest for a full year, apply for the treasurer. If accounting is not your thing, there are also plenty of other roles to fill on the board.

I may start my 5th (and hopefully final) year in Uni, but believe me, when I say, I am not gonna slow down and you will see me around NESU for the upcoming year



Silja Rouru
  • Project Manager
  • 4th-year student
  • NESU-Enklaavi

What a lovely surprise it is to have you here, long time no see!

On the other side of the screen is Silja, your Project Manager ’20-’21.

I agree – last year when the board was elected I was nervous. What if no one voted for me? But even more for, what if I had enough votes and got in? Basically, neither of those happened, and what a year it has been ever since the election and the raffle.

One could say that the whole year has been one big project itself. Even if two of my most awaited events had to be canceled (looking at Itä-Suomen Rundi and Wappurundi), the year had so much more to offer than I could have thought. Wild ideas were implemented, such as launching the NESU-Discord channel, executing virtual Dagen, and even an alumni event NESU Talks happened. Could I have imagined this content for our year last summer? Short answer – no. And how unbelievably great it was!

Let’s be brief while fast-forwarding the year. Naturally, it has been a different one, but I strongly believe there have been many incredible things included. After challenges and victories, I can proudly stand behind the words that people have made my year unforgettable. The ones who encouraged us to play Among Us weekly in Discord, the ones who sent ”let’s catch up” messages, and the ones who sat on the board with me through this all. My heart is full while knowing our network is only stronger when the times are hard.

Now the year with the beloved NESU-Finland board is coming to an end. It is your time to take your wildest ideas with you and apply for the next board. Nothing I could promise, but I know for certain that it will be a blast. Not every day, but most of the days. And isn’t it what this is all about?

We’ll meet sooner than you could think of!

<3 Silja