Something old, something new – NESU-Preemio

Hello from Kuopio! This autumn has been great for us. We have welcomed our new freshmen to the NESU-Preemio and we have already made some new, unforgottable memories in this fall.

NESU-Preemio's board

NESU-Preemio’s board members after sauna in freshmen NESU sauna evening.

In NESU-Preemio we have some old traditions. Every fall we organize NESU sauna evening to the freshmen where they get to know the NESU-Preemio’s board members, learn about NESU and also get a little taste of sits songs before their first sits parties. Obviously we have freshmen sits parties where older students are helping them to learn sits culture.

In the next two weeks we will have something old and also something new! On Wednesday we are having traditional Halloween sits parties and one week later Pörssi is coming to visit us (maybe the first time ever) and we will have sits parties together with them here in Kuopio. So there will be lots of fun in the near future!

We have active members who have been part of NESU board in last few years and on this year. We asked their thoughts about NESU. It was heartwarming to read these comments and stories.<3

Our members in Eastern Finland’s round at NESU-Optimi’s Karelian Pie -sits parties in Joensuu!

“My first memory of real NESU-spirit is from 2019, my freshman autumn. During NESU-Preemio’s Mexican techno-sits party a group of older students made me, and my fellow (way too drunk) freshmen sign up for a sits party in Oulu (organized by NESU-Finanssi) the following week. Of course, the older students chickened out and canceled the day after. Going to a new city with new friends was an extremely hilarious and uniting experience. To me NESU means scheming your drunk friends into great sits-adventures around Finland (as was done to me again this autumn, when I apparently signed up for Itä-Suomen Rundi despite not having any memory of doing so). I’m still recovering from Rundi while writing this, but it was totally worth it, though!“  – Board member 20′

At the beginning of my studies NESU seemed to be a bit mysterious organisation so ofcourse I wanted to discover the secrets behind those four letters. Pretty fast I learned my own style to consume NESU and it can easily be summarised in three words: sitz, sitz and sitz all around Finland!” – Board member ’20 & ’21

“For me, NESU is a great organization for connecting with other business students across the network of NESU-cities. The best events and (sitz)parties in my opinion have been organized by NESU. I attended my first Itä-Suomen Rundi this fall, and I must say it was one of the most fun events during my time in university. See you all at 35/75!” – Board member ’21 & ’22

“For me NESU means new friends, sincerity among people and just absolutely amazing time in different kinds of events! Sitsparties are always a must go thing and already when I started my studies they were THE thing to look forward to! I can with all my heart recommend NESU to everyone!” – Board member ’22

Hopefully we see many of nesuits from other cities in our NESU sits parties (which will happen faster than you think..) and at the latest in 35/75!

With love,
NESU-Preemio ’22