Something old, something new – NESU-Probba

Hello from Mikkeli!!

NESU-Probba board ’22 at GAB sits by: Monika Bednarska

The autumn has gotten off to a great start here in Mikkeli and we have been busy organizing sits parties, already having had three of them. We were the last sits destination for Itäsuomenrundi, which was a great opportunity to meet a lot of business students from all around Finland. In addition to that, we just celebrated our grand annual ball week, and organized our traditional GAB-sits last Tuesday!

The new board for NESU-Probba will be selected in a few weeks and due to the unique structure of our studies here in Mikkeli, the board will consist of current first year students only. Many first-year students have already showed interest in NESU and excellent NESU spirit.

Following the theme of the blog post, we asked an old NESU board member, a current one and a first-year student to tell about their favorite NESU experience and here is what we got:

“My favorite NESU-memory was probably when we went together with board to sits in Tallinn. We stayed at my friend’s house (Thanks Veikko and Daniel), and it was super fun to see the Finnish student culture spreading to our southern neighbors. And super cheap booze also helped with keeping us hydrated for the whole trip.” –Board member 21’

“My favorite NESU experience so far has probably been the “On hienoa tulla Mikkeliin ja sitseille hommiin”-sits that were organized as a part of the Itä-Suomen Rundi. I enjoyed meeting people from different business schools from all over Finland and all of them were certainly very experienced in going to sits. Whereas I do not yet have as many sits under my belt it was a joy to see how to ”sitsata” properly.” -Freshman

“My favorite NESU experience has most likely been last summer’s NESU-kesämöksä. It was great to meet so many NESU people from all over Finland and to spend an entire weekend with them. We did many fun activities during the weekend, and I met so many amazing people who showed some true commitment to NESU. I also experienced my first “maakokous” and also to got to take part in the voting of the new NESU-Finland board, which was very interesting (even though the meeting took hours, and it was too hot inside the building). ” – Board member 22’

We will organize our last sits of the year in the beginning of December with the new board that will be elected very soon. Hope to see many of you at sits <3

With love,

NESU-Probba ’22