Something old, something new – NESU-KY

Greetings from NESU-KY!

This autumn has definitively gotten to a speedy start, as we have welcomed new mursus to campus.

In addition to all the events we have organized for them to get to know us and feel the NESU-spirit, we have also already had a few public sitsparties with more to come by the end of the year. Not to forget the NESU Autumn Conference Week which was held here in Espoo this year as well as the very special upcoming 35/75 -sitsparty in celebration of both NESU and NESU-KY.

It is therefore probably safe to say that this autumn has surely not left anyone bored. A bit over a week ago we had 60 new members join NESU-KY and become a part of the NESU-family. However, in all this hype of everything new and exciting, I wanted to take a short look back and remember where we have come from. Therefore, I asked Emma, a board member of NESU-KY’19, some questions to see just how we have developed from then.

The first question was the basic “what is your favourite NESU-memory?”. The answer was also somewhat obvious to many of us – the legendary Wapputerde. This event is held by us every May Day eve and it hosts around a thousand people, being by far the biggest event we have. In this regard things have remained very much the same, as I and many others would have also said the same. Even the majority of our mursus are also looking most forward to this traditional event without ever even attending it!

The venue has however changed significantly as in 2019 the event was organized at the beloved KY house for the last time. That is also the single biggest difference Emma brought up when asked how NESU-KY has changed. The concrete change of environment from near the city center of Helsinki to here in Otaniemi was completed by NESU-KY’21, so me and other members of ’22 never had the chance to experience the traditional place.

According to Emma, it has been a joy to see the development every year and how new members have creatively and bravely tackled any challenges that come along with it. This is something I have also been extremely proud of this year – we have faced more than enough little crises during along the way, but everyone has always outdone themselves and we have come out on top. I am also so glad to have seen this same attitude in our lovely new members, who have already made such an impression on us with their enthusiasm towards NESU, and I have all the faith in them to upkeep our traditions as well as create new ones.

One the biggest strengths of NESU is the way the older members, also known as Nesuwanhat, remain an important part of the community, and Emma brought this up as well. She said to have greatly appreciated the help and support from all previous members and wishes to carry on that tradition to attend our events and help whenever she can (this post being a great example of that!). And thanks to people like her, I’m sure all of us turning to a Nesuwanha this autumn will think the same.

I would like to end this post by thanking everyone for the past year! It has been so amazing to become a part of the NESU-community and simultaneously something bigger than just an organization here at KY but all around Finland as well <3

Lots of love,

Oona and the rest of NESU-KY’22