Board of NESU Finland 2021-2022

In this blog series the new NESU Finland presents itself in all its glory. Read on and find out who are the people behind the posts. Today we will start with our jovial gentleman of Joensuu, and our Rovaniemi reinforcement. Let’s see what they got for us!

Miro Helminen, Project Manager

Hello there! It is me, your very own Project Manager of the 21-22 board here.

So, a little bit about me: I am Miro Helminen, just started my fourth year of studies in the University of Eastern Finland, Joensuu campus. I have been a familiar face in many NESU events since I started my studies, really. As a freshman I was responsible for making sure NESU-Optimi’s sitsparies looked dashing as the decorations master of the board, and then after a year-long break from NESU positions I became the Chairman of NESU-Optimi for this year 2021. Five conferences (3 live, 2 online), 54 NESU sitsparties and much more have not been kind to my liver for sure, but made it a no-brainer for me to still want to do one more year of service for this great union.

The first thing of this year in the NESU Finland board was to, unfortunately, still postpone the return of the Eastern Finland Rundi for a year. But good things are worth waiting and I am eagerly waiting for its long awaited return in 2022. A year ago my predecessor Silja, in this same blogpost, talked about how she was already very excited to be organizing Wappurundi in the spring. Well, that did not come into fruition sadly, but I can confidently say that I will finally be the project manager who is allowed to make it happen. And mark my words, the return of Wappurundi is going to be a party so big and amazing you would not want to miss it for any price.

Hope to see as many of you as possible as soon as possible singing Helan Går and enjoying life to the fullest. (I will for sure be in every possible event as I think I promised to attend 30-something sitsparties this coming year :Dd)

– Miro

Antti Bergman, Treasurer

Hello everyone! My name is Antti Bergman and I’m bringing a breeze from the north to the board of 2021-2022. I’m currently a fourth-year student. Being originally from Rovaniemi I moved to Mikkeli to do my bachelor’s degree, and this year I started my master’s degree in Otaniemi

I got kind of a flying start to my NESU career, since I had heard all kinds of awesome stories about NESU from my friends who started in business school before me, so when I started my studies in 2018, I was more than eager to get to experience NESU myself. Since the orientation week, I remember asking constantly from my tutors and other older students that when do we get to experience our first “ulkkarisitsit”. And when we finally did, it was even better than I could have imagined. 

I think it was the welcoming community which always made me come back and keep attending events everywhere in Finland. There is truly something unique in travelling to other city to meet strangers, who then makes you feel like home. Three years later, with a smile on my face I can tell you that I have experienced nearly every NESU city in Finland and gotten to be a part in organizing several events. After this, instead of being exhausted and finished I’m feeling inspired to do this all again. 

This year I get to combine work and pleasure as the treasurer of NESU Finland 2021-2022. I could not be more excited to be able to give back and offer my support for this community. With high hopes I’m looking at this year’s event calendar and hoping to see you all somewhere along the road. 


Stay tuned for more!