Welcome back! Today we have two new board members introducing themselves to us. Let’s take a look!

Wilma Korkeela, Head of Communications

Hello hello! You have reached Wilma, Head of Communications of board ‘21-’22. 

You might have seen me around in my Estonian orange overalls, but this autumn I am switching that lovely neon to yellow, as I can now be found from Lappeenranta starting my master studies.

As one might guess, I was first introduced to NESU in Tallinn in 2018 and was quickly convinced to spend my free time with good vibes only. That proved to be the case with NESU and I ended up as the Event Coordinator of NESU Estonia in 2019 and as Chairman & Country Representative in 2020. Along the way I have made countless memories and got a huge bunch of lovely friends from all over the union.

To quote a banger song from a certain songbook:

A while with no duties in this great organization and a quiet few years with little to no events, I realised I still had ideas and enthusiasm to do my part for this community. I am excited to be part of the board and get to see as all the cities and meet as many new and old nesuit friends as possible. Bring on the events, I am ready!

See you around and meanwhile slide into my ig dms @nesufinland – great memes are always appreciated! 


Simo Halme, Webmaster


It’s your friendly neighbourhood webman here! The neighbourhood is Espoo (although you might find me at sits around Finland), the web is nesu-net, and the man is me – Simo. I am one of the six lucky individuals who got the chance to give their time, energy and passion to the wonderful organization known as NESU Finland board ’21-’22.

Although everyone’s road in NESU is their own, I would say there is one thing which differentiates my NESU history from those of my fellow board members: I hardly have any. During my three years of studying business in Mikkeli, I never had an opportunity to belong to a NESU board before this. Nonetheless, I have had my share of NESU spirit during these years. Sits, Möksäs and Dagens have all done their magic and as result, I am hooked.

When searching for a somewhat presentable photo for this post (whether or not I was successful I leave to you), I came across something funny. I found an article I wrote to Kyylef – the student paper of Enklaavi, a couple of years ago. It was about my very first NESU-Dagen in 2020. In my mind I returned to that time, a bit more than a year, and simultaneously a lifetime ago. In the article I talked about the anxiety I had when heading to the event. Would I be surrounded with inside jokes and cult-like behaviour? Would it be a mistake to go to an event where I knew very few people? I can’t think of many times when I was as happy to be as wrong as I was.

Is there a key takeaway from this? What has my inspiring story taught us?

Never say never. Although my initial chance to join NESU went by, I am as happy as one can be that it wasn’t the end of my activity in this wonderful community.

Yours truly

The final board introductions will be coming on Sunday. See you then!