NESU Dagen 2020


Greetings from the northernmost member of our board!


What an unexpected year it has been… I would have never thought that I´d be the one to cancel the legendary Wappurundi, nor would I had ever imagined this year in the board of NESU Finland to go by so rapidly. Despite all the hardships I´ve faced, one thing is certain: NESU sure helped me get through it all. My name is Sami Rojo, and I have been the Project Coordinator, as well as the Vice Chairman in our board for the past 10 months.

As a Project Coordinator, the main focus of the year was to work towards my personal project: Wappurundi. This meant contacting various companies, scheduling the event itself, planning different kind of activities, as well as taking care of the necessary practical arrangements with the three cities that had chosen to host the sits. I really loved the freedom to organize the trip so that it would look like my own but unfortunately, we never got to experience it… That was the toughest time of this year regarding NESU for me. In addition to this I´m also the Chairman of the board in Finanssi ry, which goes to show that with proper time management participating in multiple boards is manageable! 

However, this year would have been nothing without the rest of our board and all the lovely new, as well as older nesuists. It has been a very nostalgic experience to see the birth of new NESU generation but also shocking to realize that I am now part of the soon “retiring” NESU. Furthermore, it has been heartwarming to see how the same principle still stands: being part of NESU is (wo)man´s best time. The friendships I´ve made during the last four years will certainly last a lifetime. 

Therefore, I´ll strongly recommend applying to the board of NESU Finland! Personally, I had thought about it as early as back in 2017 NESU Summer cottage, and while I was too hesitant to apply back then, I found my courage in 2019. Though this courage was a direct result of my dear friends Maija, Aino and Heidi, as the first two dragged me to a small room in last year´s NESU Summer cottage around 9 pm and started persuading me to apply in the next day´s meeting. Heidi accidentally walked into the room as well and she was the next victim of this duo… The next day Heidi and I looked at each other, nodded and then stood up to apply to ´19-´20 board. The rest is history! 

I guess what I´m trying to say here is that don´t hesitate to take the leap of faith into the unknown. The year in the board has been unforgettable, with all its ups and downs. We´ve experienced so much together and made memories that I wouldn´t trade for anything. 


– Sami Rojo

Vice President and Project Coordinator ´19-´20

Nordiska Ekonomie Studerandes Union – NESU Finland ry